Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank God It's Friday

Good morning folks! It’s another beautiful Friday morning! Beautiful because it is the signal the week’s end and finally some cherished time with the family. Lately, the little one has mastered the art of making me feel guilty for leaving her to go to work. Haaaay. If only she knew how I would rather stay home with her… I’m hoping I’ll be able to that soon. =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gratitude Journal

I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for a couple of weeks now and I’ve realized that there are just too many things to be thankful for. There are so many answered prayers that are left unnoticed and taken for granted.

Keeping a gratitude journal is simple really. It is similar to a diary where in you jot down things you are grateful for that day. However instead of ranting about the disasters and woes of the day (the ones we write about in a diary) we write only good things… and if there are bad events or people, we try to find the good in them and be thankful for that. It has really been an eye opener for me. Even when things are not so good, I am forced to think of what’s good and positive so I can thank God for that.

The gratitude journal has helped me see the silver lining in almost everything I do everyday. It has made me look for the single drop of goodness even in the man whose neck I’d like to wring the most =) It has made me a better person I think… in the past weeks at least. Hopefully I’d stick to this and do it forever. =)

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