Monday, July 28, 2008

is your make up expired?

one thing that is common to most women is our love for make up. let's admit it, we are concerned with aesthetics. we all love to look good... for our men and for ourselves. look into every woman's purse and you'll surely find a small arsenal of powders and lipsticks. but did you know that no matter how expensive your make up is, it does not last forever. yes, even make up has its expiration dates. make up can be breeding ground to bacteria that can harm skin or eyes, so that instead making you pretty, old make up are actually health hazards. so how will you know if your loot is still good or not?

here is a guide:

Eye makeup: Replace liquid products every six months; toss powder shadows and pencils after a year. If you get an eye infection, trash everything and start from scratch.

Mascara: Replace every three months.

Powder blush: Replace every year, or if you see flaking or clumping.

Loose powder: Replace every year.

Foundation and concealer: Replace every six months, or if the liquid separates or begins to smell funny.

Lipstick: Replace every two years, or if the color or smell changes, or you see oil beads on the sides of the lipstick bullet.

Nail polish: Throw away any polishes that have separated. (Keeping polish in the fridge doesn't prolong its life.)

source: by Lisa Kovalovich

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Photohunt :: hanging

this week's theme is hanging. these are my cross stitch masterpieces that my mom had framed and now hang in our living room. =)

cross stitch 1

cross stitch

i miss doing cross stitch. my sis introduced me to it. it gave hope for eternally artistic nincompoops like me. all you have to do is follow the instructions, stitch on the marked boxes and tada! you'll come up with a beautiful work of art... =)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

why is no one taking me seriously?

i keep telling everyone i am not happy at work. i hate it in fact. i am not cut out for accounting work. it just so happened that it was the path chosen for me.

i am now training for the job i hate, hoping to be promoted in a job i dislike, just because of the money, but then again, what isn't about the money these days, huh?

i am being pressured to take out a housing loan, i have been trying to explain that if i had any other choice i'd rather take that than to take out a loan from the office because then, i would still like to have the option of leaving it before it sucks the life out of me. taking out a housing loan from our office is like putting another nail in my coffin. being stuck in the office for another 20 years.... argh!

it's so frustrating.

am i supposed to just grin and bear it, for that is what life has laid out for me... life sentence in corporate hell? or do i still have an option? but what is that option???

hello? universe... i need a little help here...

photo hunt :: what is that?

a golden fish!

what is that? while looking at a pond of kois, this rare sight caught my eye, it was a golden fish! yeah, not like a gold fish which is actually reddish-orange, but this fish was actually gold in color. it amazed me! =) not really familiar with fishes, i don't know what kind it was or from what species it belonged to, i just knew it was pretty to look at... =)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sudoku mojo is back!

i don't know what happened but all of a sudden i am interested to solve sudoku puzzles once again. my interest fizzled out a while back when i got busy with other things, but i still remember last year when the whole department in our office was addicted to sudoku. (yeah... those were such happy times, of not so long ago... when we were still allowed to laugh and be jovial)
yesterday i just felt like buying those puzzle books from the bookstore and started to solve some sudoku puzzles. of course i am just a novice, but i am quite proud of myself whenever i successfully finish one puzzle. my best time is 5 mins. i know.. i know.. not that good really, but it's my personal best. walang pakialaman! =)

St. Pio Chapel in Libis, Quezon City

I often visit hubby at work and we would park the car at the nearby pay-parking space within the grounds of St. Pio Chapel. i usually look at the chapel wondering what it looks like on the inside, but i never got to take a peek. earlier though, hubby and i decided to go inside, not knowing what to expect.

the chapel itself is very cozy. it is small and airconditioned, and you can tell that it is properly maintained. it is designed like the one in San Giovanni Rotondo. its facade is shaped like the Cross.


i don't really know St. Pio except that he was a capuchin mystic and that he bore the wounds of Jesus Christ or stigmata. Also, early this year, they exhumed his body from his grave to find that it has not been corrupted even after so many years have passed. a true sign of a saint!

when we got in the chapel it was so quiet and solemn. and when we approached his statue, i was getting goose bumps...


there was a pew set up in front of st. Pio's statue so that you can look at him as you kneel and pray and write down your petition on the provided papers. they also had the prayers for St. Pio ready for the devotees, with a replica(?) of his gloves framed, available to be touched by the devotees.



when st. Pio was still alive, he would wear gloves as he said mass so as to not frighten the people of his fresh wounds on the palms of his hands. since these gloves were in direct contact with his hands and his blood, they were preserved and are said to have since became instruments to many miracles.

the walls of the chapel is adorned with numerous testinomials by Filipinos healed through the intercession of St. Pio. From addiction, to cancer, to dengue... there was even a testimony coming from a childless couple who were finally blessed with a child after becoming devotees of St. Pio.

The chapel is maintained by businessman Ramon Escobar Rodriguez and his wife Didi Cloribel Rodriguez on their property on 188 E. Rodriguez Ave., Bagumbayan, Quezon City. They were also recipients of God's grace through a miracle.

It all began when Ramon Rodriguez experienced St. Padre Pio’s miracle in 1979. At that time, Ramon was not an active church goer, even when he suffered high blood pressure of 240/130 that caused blindness in his right eye and blurred vision in his left, he didn’t go down on his knees to pray for help.

A friend then gave him a novena to Padre Pio, out of curiosity, he picked up the novena and wondered who Padre Pio was. Unconsciously he was reading the novena and wondered why he was able to read it. When he went to his ophthalmologist and he was told that he was cured. He could already see clearly.

Right then and there, Ramon promised Padre Pio that he would pray his novena everyday and that he would venerate Padre Pio for the rest of his life.

In 1983, Ramon and Didi put up the Philippine Centre of Padre Pio. First, they used a space in their building and converted it into a chapel. now the chapel has grown on a 2,000 sq m area that included a garden which is called Padre Alessio Garden.



they also had the bloody and realistic crucifix that again gave me the goosebumps, and a statue of St. Pio.


it was said that a after the statue was placed there in the chapel garden, red liquid was found to have oozed on his head and nape. they had pictures, but they didn't really claim it was blood.


The new chapel was officially blessed on Sept. 23, 2007, death anniversary of Padre Pio who died on Sept. 23, 1968.

Come and visit the chapel and experience it for yourself.

St. Pio Chapel
RER Compound, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C-5)
Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City

Tel. No. (632) 634-3668 / ( 632) 634-3669 / (632) 439-5615 / (632) 439-9307

click here for the schedule of masses.

check out their site:


Monday, July 14, 2008

dreaming of mama

last night i dreamt of mama. she was here with us in the house, and everything was normal. stupid me, i kept on thinking that something is not the way it's supposed to be... and yet i can't point my finger to exactly what it is.... plus mama just kept on sleeping. she'd be awake for awhile then the next minute she'd be sleeping again. hmm...

when i woke up, that's when i realized that what was different was that she has long since passed on... hmm. maybe she wants to give me a message.

i hope i dream of her again tonight.

i miss her.

p.s. maybe it's hearing ABBA songs over and over again... ABBA was one of her favorite bands and was a staple presence in our household when i was young, every sunday morning and weeknight evenings...
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