Monday, July 28, 2008

is your make up expired?

one thing that is common to most women is our love for make up. let's admit it, we are concerned with aesthetics. we all love to look good... for our men and for ourselves. look into every woman's purse and you'll surely find a small arsenal of powders and lipsticks. but did you know that no matter how expensive your make up is, it does not last forever. yes, even make up has its expiration dates. make up can be breeding ground to bacteria that can harm skin or eyes, so that instead making you pretty, old make up are actually health hazards. so how will you know if your loot is still good or not?

here is a guide:

Eye makeup: Replace liquid products every six months; toss powder shadows and pencils after a year. If you get an eye infection, trash everything and start from scratch.

Mascara: Replace every three months.

Powder blush: Replace every year, or if you see flaking or clumping.

Loose powder: Replace every year.

Foundation and concealer: Replace every six months, or if the liquid separates or begins to smell funny.

Lipstick: Replace every two years, or if the color or smell changes, or you see oil beads on the sides of the lipstick bullet.

Nail polish: Throw away any polishes that have separated. (Keeping polish in the fridge doesn't prolong its life.)

source: by Lisa Kovalovich


Tara said...

I don't think any my makeup would pass this test. How sad is that? I just don't wear it much any more.

julie said...

Aha! Good thing I don't wear make up :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanna ask since I'm using a clinique blush on and lipstick which i bought 6 years ago. Pathetic? I'm just being practical... besides it's a good brand. That's probably why i dont see any bad reactions on my face. I'm still using it and i dont see any damage in my skin or face. I dont use make up that often and sayang naman if i'll throw it away. I just scraped off the top part and it's still fine...

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