Saturday, May 31, 2008

photohunt: self (or a part or you)

these are my feet. i took a picture of it while i was sitting on rocks, waiting for my sis to finish taking pics for her photography class.
i never realized my toes were so stubby. hehehe... =)

sick sick sick!

that's me, these past two weeks. first week, i was almost deaf, really. i hear everything in a muffled manner. i consulted an ent in makati med, recommended by intellicare, and she said that i had an ear infection. my ear canals were red from the middle ear to the eardrum. no wonder i couldn't hear much! plus i was feeling so much pressure from my ears. anyway, i was given a prescription for natravox and claritin. i went to mercury drug only to find out that the natravox costs P69 each! and i was to take in 2x a day for a week! waaaah! i only bought 8 because it was so expensive. i started taking it immediately. and guess what, i had an allergic reaction! rashes started to appear on my skin. the rashes i can endure, but the itchiness... GRRRRR!!!!

so i went back to the doc after 5 days, she checked my ears and said they were much better then i showed her my rashes and she said that i must always remember from then on that i am allergic to that type of medicine. duh! so then she prescribes me some more meds for my rashes and the itchiness. a few days ago, while i was at the office, i started to feel so cold, by 3pm i was already shivering. i had a fever and i didn't know why i took alaxan and went home early, took alaxan again that night and slept pretty well only to be awakened by a rumbling stomach. LBM! wahhh again! up to now, lbm pa din, no more fever though. wawa!

Friday, May 9, 2008

breast cancer

yesterday, i was watching tv and there was a feature on a woman whose grandmother died at 43 and mother died at 42, both because of breast cancer. she was told she had 80% of getting breast cancer herself. she is now a mother of two girls and she feared she would one day leave them too, when she succumbs to breast cancer... and so even she hasn't been diagnosed with cancer yet, she decided to have a mastectomy, the surgical removal of both breasts, to prevent any cancer tissue from popping up from there. a pretty radical step... but she felt it was necessary. sad...but realistic. my only thought was "what if it pops up somewhere else? like the ovary or the colon or heck, even the gums? cancer has always been traitorous killer... i'm sure she thought about this too, and she probably thought it was a risk worth taking, that she probably bought herself and her kids a couple more cancer-free years together... hmm.

why am i blabbering about this? mother's day is on sunday and so i am now thinking about my own mother, who also died nine years ago. breast cancer stole her from my my sis, my dad and me. i hate cancer. i used to hate cancer survivors as well, it was out of envy... why do you guys get to live while my mother didn't? i did spend a couple of years feeling only hate and sadness and regret in my heart. good thing though i got over that, with God's help of course. now i still hate cancer, but the cancer survivors are off my list. hehehe...

and so the million dollar question is... will i get cancer too? hmmmm... they say that women can now get tested for a gene mutation called BRCA1 and BRCA2. if you're positive, you'll most likely to get breast cancer. i wonder if they already have such testing here in the philippines, and if they do, do i have enough courage to have myself tested?

hmmm... just thinking out loud.

anyway, happy mother's day mimits. they say time heals all wounds... they lied.
i still miss you so much it hurts. i have so many things to ask you and share with you.
i still wake up crying whenever i dream of you, i cry because my dreams always end the same way, not even in my dreams can i keep you alive.
oh well... life's just like that i guess.


For the instructions, add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below. Tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Have fun.

A - ka —–G - ji —–M - rin —–S - ari—– Y - fu
B - tu —–H - ri —–N - to ——T - chi —–Z - zi
C - mi—– I - ki —–O - mo —–U - do
D - te—– J - zu —–P - no ——V - ru
E - ku—–K - me —-Q - ke ——W - mei
F - lu—–L - ta ——R - shi ——X - na

Alpha - ka-ta-no-ri-ka {pwede na.}

What’s yours?

karen - mekashikuto (well....)
bea - tukuka (not so nice... hehehe parang tuko)

hehehe grabbed this one from alpha.

past the 7 year itch...

last week, hubby and i celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! congrats to us! hahaha... and since i knew that our 7th anniv is a special milestone (the 7 year itch and all that...) we went all out this year (at least for our standards). we checked ourselves in a quaint bed and breakfast in antipolo and stayed there for some alone time... yep, without bea, for the first time!

details to follow...
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