Sunday, December 30, 2007

my super saturday

i brought home tons of work. i didn't want to go to work on a saturday. i assumed i will have all of saturday and monday to finish everything in time for our monthend this jan 2.

i wake up to little girl's "bird, bird", our love birds wake her up every morning. i get out of our room and was informed by my sis that our nanny is not here, and probably not coming anymore. her mom was hospitalized the day before. my plans of doing some stuff for work went down the drain. i was to be the official yaya for the day.

bea's acid reflux is recurring. since last christmas it has gotten worse. we put her back on prevacid and motilium. she threw up most of her food during breakfast and dinner.

i was supposed to meet my college barkada for dinner at 6pm. i begged off knowing that i will not be there on time, no one will take care of the little girl. hubby has work on saturdays and they had a christmas party scheduled. i was supposed to leave at around 7pm. by that time i expected that bea would be asleep, but we were delayed because bea threw up 3x while drinking her milk, so i had to prepare her milk and syringe-feed her over and over again. apple called and told me to just join them in laff line in timog. i have no idea where that is. i'm not familiar with that area, libis, makati, mandaluyong... ok, but QC, not really. so i harrassed hubby to come home soon so that he can accompany me to timog. when he arrived we got into a cab, got off in batasan only to transfer to another cab and was in laffline by 9:30. whew! wawa naman si hubby, he just accompanied me there, then he went home already...

the performers were chokla, peanut, jeff, martin, the new guy, chokoleit, and anton diva. galing! the whole barkada was there! any other time, i would've begged off already, but i really wanted to join them since this is a RARE occassion that our barkada is complete. rhona will be flying back to the US on Jan 12. by the way i got my first taste of shirley temple, pinacolada and daiquiri... thanks to rhona =)

we left at around past 1 and i was home by 2. i ate my uber late dinner, (i had my lunch at 6pm). and sank off to a tired dreamless sleep.

well that was my roller coaster saturday. how was yours? =)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

the gmask experience

i previously posted about my dilemma as to whether i will upgrade my cam or not... i decided not to upgrade and opted to give it a makeover bringing it over to a gmask booth and letting them do their magic. guess what? someone from gmask read my entry and linked me up to their site! cool!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

a very merry CHRISTmas to everyone!

a special thanks to those who take time and visit my blog. God bless you all! =)

Monday, December 24, 2007

to upgrade or not to upgrade

this past week, i have been agonizing about whether i will buy a new digital camera. my current one is 3 years old already, and truth be told, still as effective as the day i bought it (kudos to sony!) . it just bulky and has only 3.2 megapixels. it is one of the first generation cameras. last week, when we went to trinoma, we saw that sony was having a sale. the camera that caught our eyes is now selling for almost 15k, it used to cost 17k. it's thin, has 7 mp, special lenses and the best part is that they're selling it for 0% for 18 months! (cheers coming from the citibank table! grrrr.)

ooooh! so tempting. only 800+ a month... but for 18 whole months!!! i literally agonized over the decision, i would do this strange ritual of ogling at it, actually reaching for my credit card, and stopping and doing an about face then storming out of the store (much to the dismay of the store clerks).... only to do it again in the next shop.

anyhoo, good thing hubby was there, the voice of reason. we decided that when we bought our digicam for 19k 3 years ago, we bought it as an investment, we chose a good brand because we expected good quality, we expected it to last for years. and so we will stick with it, since it is still working properly and serving its purpose.

what we did instead was to buy a new memory stick with higher capacity and... we also gave our aged digicam a makeover! i went over to gateway mall last saturday and went to the gmask booth, and chose a carbon fiber design for our camera (it was a surprise for hubby, if i had my own way, i'd have chosen a more colorful design). their promise time was 1hr - 1.5hrs. they failed miserably to deliver. huhuhu. although when they were finally finished, our camera did look macho! hahaha. gmask's motto is: personalize, protect, revitalize. when they were finished with our cam, it looked revitalized indeed!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

christmas is a little late this year

usually we'd have a tree up by the time my birthday comes around. this year was different. due to hubby's and my toxic sched, and sis' hospitalization, our tree was a week late. anyhoo... we finally got around to putting it up and guess who was in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the preparations....

she was very happy when the christmas tree was finished. you can definitely tell by the way her eyes sparkled!

btw, she keep on calling the christmas balls "tai" for star. why? i'm not really sure... hehehe

the kalamansi experiment

what do you do when you've got nothing but time while eating at a restaurant? conduct experiments of course!

bea is her usual kulit self while we were eating at a resto and hubby had this brilliant idea: test bea's tolerance for sour things! this has always been his weakness. he finds even the sweet kyat-kyat "too sour". he wants to find out if bea took after him or after me (i love fruits, although i'm not really into sour fruits, i can tolerate them if i think they're good for my health)... hence, the kalamansi experiment.

the following scenes followed:

i therefore conclude that our bea tolerates the sour taste pretty well, as you can see, she got through the ordeal unscathed and smiling. =)

another successful experiment. stay tuned for more!

Monday, December 10, 2007

perfect imperfection

perfection has never been our strong suit.
you're not perfect... i'm not too..

i sing terribly. you snore.
you're no good with money. socializing for me is a chore.
i hate cooking. you hate reading.
you're computer illiterate. i find public speaking mortifying.

but as it turns out, God did plan everything out.
He picked me and you from among the crowd
He knew you had traits that would complement mine
and He knew from the start we'd hit it off fine.

and now after many years of being partners in crime
everything did turn out just fine.
i still can't sing and you still snore.
but each passing day bring us closer more and more.
and yes, i think i love more now than ever before...

so what if we're not perfect people.
then we'll be the most perfect imperfect people together...

i love you hunny!

Friday, December 7, 2007

home with bea

my chance of getting through december without leave from work flew out the window yesterday, when our still stay-out nanny didn't come for work because it is her father's burial. in fairness, she did tell us in advance, but we had no other choice. i had to stay home with little bea.

the good: i was able to spend more time with her, play with her and actually take care of her. it has been days since i saw her awake when i came home at night. i noticed that she has grown! her shoes, which used to be too big for her now fits her exactly! hehehe... dresses are now too short... pajamas now look like leggings for her. hehehe...

the bad: she is still so hard to feed. i can get only 2 mouthfuls of rice in her then she'd get so cranky and we'd fight. *sigh* i'd try to make it up by giving her more milk, only it takes soo long.... but then again, what else is new =)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

gym talk

Hubby and I have a gym membership, although it is now completely useless since we haven’t been to the gym for months now, ever since we started having nanny troubles. I wish I can go back, the pounds I lost when I was religiously going to the gym has now sneaked back, and they brought along a couple more friends. grrr.

Hmm. All these gym talk reminds me of a gym we joined years ago. it was a really good gym with great facilities, including a spacious locker room. They had rows and rows of steel lockers, with locker benches in between rows, where gym rats can slump on to after a tiring session of cardio or strength training. Too bad though, their gym membership was real steep so we couldn’t afford to go there anymore. It was fun while it lasted though =)

chico garcia's blog

i love listening to the radio. i am a big fan of two wonderful dj's manning the booth every morning, chico and delamar. i have been listening to their morning show as far back as my college days. they are really funny. witty and funny. hubby used to hate it when i listened to them, though he had no choice since, along with my sis, i am an avid fan. my mornings are not complete when i don't listen to them. and then, without me noticing it, hubby has become as big a fan as i am.

now, chico garcia has launched his own blog. woohoo! as he admitted on the morning rush (RX93.1 mon-sat 6am to 9am), he is a bit late in catching the blog mania, (he was late in appreciating friendster too) at least now i can not only listen to his weird thoughts on the radio, i can read about them too. go ahead and check out his blog:
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