Monday, December 10, 2007

perfect imperfection

perfection has never been our strong suit.
you're not perfect... i'm not too..

i sing terribly. you snore.
you're no good with money. socializing for me is a chore.
i hate cooking. you hate reading.
you're computer illiterate. i find public speaking mortifying.

but as it turns out, God did plan everything out.
He picked me and you from among the crowd
He knew you had traits that would complement mine
and He knew from the start we'd hit it off fine.

and now after many years of being partners in crime
everything did turn out just fine.
i still can't sing and you still snore.
but each passing day bring us closer more and more.
and yes, i think i love more now than ever before...

so what if we're not perfect people.
then we'll be the most perfect imperfect people together...

i love you hunny!


""rare jonRez"" said...

hi sis! musta na dito? hope everything's well. nga pala, i got u tagged sana.. itong blog's reading level na post. wala ka aksing tagboard kaya di ko maibigay ang link. cge, kitakits! hehe...

apple said...

i just love the rhymes, haha.

happy anniv ulit. hope it was a sexciting experience, hehe.

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