Thursday, December 6, 2007

chico garcia's blog

i love listening to the radio. i am a big fan of two wonderful dj's manning the booth every morning, chico and delamar. i have been listening to their morning show as far back as my college days. they are really funny. witty and funny. hubby used to hate it when i listened to them, though he had no choice since, along with my sis, i am an avid fan. my mornings are not complete when i don't listen to them. and then, without me noticing it, hubby has become as big a fan as i am.

now, chico garcia has launched his own blog. woohoo! as he admitted on the morning rush (RX93.1 mon-sat 6am to 9am), he is a bit late in catching the blog mania, (he was late in appreciating friendster too) at least now i can not only listen to his weird thoughts on the radio, i can read about them too. go ahead and check out his blog:


Insay said...

hello! glad to know about your blog.
I've tried calling your station just to talk to you & Delamar, but i haven't been lucky enough to get through. I'm a huge fan of yours, and i'd like to thank you both for keeping me company on the road. My family lives in Antipolo and i drive my kids to school daily,from Assumption Antipolo to Marcos high-way or St.Paul Q.C , sometimes as early as 4am. You keep me awake during the long drive,and keep me sane during the traffic madness. My youngest daughter is 5, and she likes listening to you too. One time she heard you talking about an octopus and that it has 8 hearts,and one way to kill it is by photo flash. So there she was at the back,belted in her car seat,then she said "oww how sad, you can kill the optopus with a camera,Mom? even your phone camera will kill it??" When she went to school that day, she told everybody in her class. So when your topic gets a little hot, i tone down the volume because she can really understand now.
I missed your show when we went on a Singapore vacation for a week,and it's so hard to get an internet connection in the hotel,so my mornings there were spent stuffing my face with buffet breakfast,pining,pining for Del's laughter& your funny antics.(My mornings are often on the road listening to you & drinking my java,no breakfast)
Here's to a decade or more of your show & humor. God bless you& your families.

Insay said...

Hi Bea! So sorry for this stupid mistake of mine. Im a newbie at this and instead of sending the post to Chico's blog, i sent it to yours. I'm sure you're laughing your heart's out. Ok lang. LOL.
Anyways, hope you get that much needed 2nd dental opinion. I'm sure you would want what's best for your baby. Cheerio!

Lorina said...

Hi Chico and Del. One thing I miss most sa pinas is yung morning rush. I'm really one of your avid fan. I'm looking forward meeting you someday. I started to listen with you guys sa morning rush back in 1997, inintroduce kayo ng cousin ko sa akin until naging addict na ako. My mornings then wouldn't be complete without listening to you. Lagi akong nangingisi at napapahagikgik. Yes! You're so famous na talaga, kinakalat ko na rin dito sa Oz ang blog mo. Keep it up! Keep inspiring people.

Salamat sa masasayang umaga!

South Australia

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