Sunday, December 30, 2007

my super saturday

i brought home tons of work. i didn't want to go to work on a saturday. i assumed i will have all of saturday and monday to finish everything in time for our monthend this jan 2.

i wake up to little girl's "bird, bird", our love birds wake her up every morning. i get out of our room and was informed by my sis that our nanny is not here, and probably not coming anymore. her mom was hospitalized the day before. my plans of doing some stuff for work went down the drain. i was to be the official yaya for the day.

bea's acid reflux is recurring. since last christmas it has gotten worse. we put her back on prevacid and motilium. she threw up most of her food during breakfast and dinner.

i was supposed to meet my college barkada for dinner at 6pm. i begged off knowing that i will not be there on time, no one will take care of the little girl. hubby has work on saturdays and they had a christmas party scheduled. i was supposed to leave at around 7pm. by that time i expected that bea would be asleep, but we were delayed because bea threw up 3x while drinking her milk, so i had to prepare her milk and syringe-feed her over and over again. apple called and told me to just join them in laff line in timog. i have no idea where that is. i'm not familiar with that area, libis, makati, mandaluyong... ok, but QC, not really. so i harrassed hubby to come home soon so that he can accompany me to timog. when he arrived we got into a cab, got off in batasan only to transfer to another cab and was in laffline by 9:30. whew! wawa naman si hubby, he just accompanied me there, then he went home already...

the performers were chokla, peanut, jeff, martin, the new guy, chokoleit, and anton diva. galing! the whole barkada was there! any other time, i would've begged off already, but i really wanted to join them since this is a RARE occassion that our barkada is complete. rhona will be flying back to the US on Jan 12. by the way i got my first taste of shirley temple, pinacolada and daiquiri... thanks to rhona =)

we left at around past 1 and i was home by 2. i ate my uber late dinner, (i had my lunch at 6pm). and sank off to a tired dreamless sleep.

well that was my roller coaster saturday. how was yours? =)

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alpha said...

hi karen. i wish you and your family happiness, more blessings and fruitful 2008!

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