Monday, December 24, 2007

to upgrade or not to upgrade

this past week, i have been agonizing about whether i will buy a new digital camera. my current one is 3 years old already, and truth be told, still as effective as the day i bought it (kudos to sony!) . it just bulky and has only 3.2 megapixels. it is one of the first generation cameras. last week, when we went to trinoma, we saw that sony was having a sale. the camera that caught our eyes is now selling for almost 15k, it used to cost 17k. it's thin, has 7 mp, special lenses and the best part is that they're selling it for 0% for 18 months! (cheers coming from the citibank table! grrrr.)

ooooh! so tempting. only 800+ a month... but for 18 whole months!!! i literally agonized over the decision, i would do this strange ritual of ogling at it, actually reaching for my credit card, and stopping and doing an about face then storming out of the store (much to the dismay of the store clerks).... only to do it again in the next shop.

anyhoo, good thing hubby was there, the voice of reason. we decided that when we bought our digicam for 19k 3 years ago, we bought it as an investment, we chose a good brand because we expected good quality, we expected it to last for years. and so we will stick with it, since it is still working properly and serving its purpose.

what we did instead was to buy a new memory stick with higher capacity and... we also gave our aged digicam a makeover! i went over to gateway mall last saturday and went to the gmask booth, and chose a carbon fiber design for our camera (it was a surprise for hubby, if i had my own way, i'd have chosen a more colorful design). their promise time was 1hr - 1.5hrs. they failed miserably to deliver. huhuhu. although when they were finally finished, our camera did look macho! hahaha. gmask's motto is: personalize, protect, revitalize. when they were finished with our cam, it looked revitalized indeed!



Eric Chao said...

hi there,

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eric chao
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recel said...

haha! wow! i can't believe may ganyan pala? cam makeover? hmm... hat's awesome! mahal talaga pag sony... pero quality naman... hehe...

happy new year to u there sis!

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