Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rest in Peace

Last Tuesday, I arrived to an office buzzing with rumors: Angelo Reyes committed suicide. I thought it was one of those bad humored jokes. When I heard it on the radio, I waited for them to contact Angie Reyes himself to refute the rumors, but after a while, it was confirmed, he did take his own life, in front of the tombs of his parents.

I did not know Angelo Reyes personally, but the fact that his current circumstances became too much that it pushed him to a corner and left him with no other choice but to take a leave from the cruel world, saddened me. Maybe it’s because suicide is a sensitive topic for me, since I lost a family member because of it.

I can’t help but feel sad, sad that he’s gone even before he was able to clear his name, if he was innocent; sad that he wasn’t able to implicate the true villains in this scenario (higher ups I presume); sad that people are left with the impression that he had to take his life because of guilt; sad for his tainted legacy and sad for his family and his sons because of the shocking surprise and unanswered questions.

Many people judge this act as a sign of cowardice and guilt… while some hail it as an ultimate act of courage. Right now, I’m not sure just how I feel about it, one thing is certain, I feel sad for his family, since I can sincerely feel that he is loved by them.

Rest in peace, Angelo Reyes.

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