Wednesday, April 30, 2008

trip to the dentist

last sunday, while our yaya had her day off, we had our "day off" as well. our family trouped to MOA. first on our to do list was to visit the pediatric dentist there. we went to the Little Ones Dental Clinic (Unit 226 South Parking, SM Mall of Asia Tel:556-0391).

while waiting, bea had a great time playing with the toys they had available. they also had books and they were also playing alvin and the chipmunks on video, activities that keep little tots occupied while waiting for their turn at the dentist's chair. when it was our turn, i placed bea on the chair. she was a good girl, obediently staying put, but when the dentist sat beside her, she started to fidget about. so the dentist asked me to sit on the chair and place bea on my lap. when the dentist tried to open bea's mouth to count her teeth, bea started to resist. before we started, i warned the dentist that bea is "super likot"! she didn't believe me at first because bea was just sitting obediently on the chair. then when she started to check bea's teeth, ayan na! hehehe...

the dentist decided that this wasn't going to work, so we shifted to a knee-to-knee position, which is basically a face to face position of the guardian and the dentist, with the kid pinned down between them, hehehe...

it was really a struggle! bea was resisting the dentist's effort to open her mouth. she was crying "mommy, mommy!" then she probably realized that mommy was in collusion with the dentist since i was helping in holding her down, she started to shout "daddy, daddy!" begging for help. wawa talaga, but we had no choice.

result: she had cavities in most of her teeth, and we need to return for a multiple "pasta" session. she needs to be sedated and an anesthesiologist will be present to monitor everything. in one session, the dentist expects to do 9 of her teeth, so we need to come for 2 sessions, each costing 15k per session (mad laughter in my head!)

while still deciding whether to go with the procedures or not, we were to apply a tooth mousse on her teeth every night, it was some sort of vitamin for her teeth, to protect it from further deterioration.

the cost:

P500 for the oral consultation (only for the first visit

P715 for the cleaning (tooth gel placed on a cloth and rubbed on bea's teeth)

P1,000 for the tooth mousse

grabe. anyway, we're not yet decided whether we should go on with the procedures or not. the dentist said that bea's teeth should start to fall when she's seven, that's five years from now, and she will have to live with discolored teeth and be at risk for tooth aches and pains till then. uh-oh! i asked the dentist if it was safe to do this procedure to a kid who's just a few months past 2 years old. she said she did this procedure on her daughter (the one who's pic is on their poster) when she was less than 2, and everything turned out fine.

we are now planning to seek a second opinion from the dentist recommended by our pedia at st luke's. i hope she gives us a better prognosis of bea's teeth. = )

Saturday, April 19, 2008

darling bea

i was able to squeeze in one LO today. =)

cheap steaks for cheapskates

just wanna share our dining experience a couple of weeks ago. on our way home, hubby experienced a craving for steak, but since it was out of the budget, eating yummy steak was out of the question. but as fate would have it, we passed by this place called slice ’n dice. it boasted of 99 peso steaks. we were simply intrigued! at what’s more, it was still open at 12 midnight!

we went in and the ambiance was welcoming and comfortable enough. waiters were courteous, alive and attentive, even at that time of night. i ordered a squid steak for only P70+, hubby ordered a Tbone steak for P99. we also ordered additional stirfried kangkong also for just P60. all orders except the Tbone came with rice. yummy!!! then we ordered bottomless iced tea for less that P50. (sorry, my memory is so poor!) after we ordered, we were given magazines to help pass the time while waiting for our orders. how thoughtful of the owners to think about this detail. =) and of course, the food was YUMMY!

what can i say about our dining experience at slice n’ dice? two thumbs way up!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the weekend that was

just checking in once again! ohh, i miss those days when i'd blog everynight! this past week, i wasn't even able to open my laptop even to check my mail! now, it's 3 in the morning and i just woke up, i was still wearing my office clothes... again! these past 2 weeks, i'd come home at night and just fall on the bed, sometimes waking up with my office uniform still on, sometimes wearing my pambahay because was able to change my clothes without me knowing it. (thanks hon!)
anyway, let me just share that we had a very hectic weekend last week. saturday was spent at home the whole day, trying to get ready for my upcoming interview at work, that afternoon i met up with hubby at riverbanks and we went to the World Trade Center in Manila for the carshow. they mostly had new cars on display, some set-up cars were on the extension area. hubby had a blast! we even saw the group Mocha perform, they had a mini-concert at the carshow. i have to admit, i always thought those girls we the typical talentless girls with great bods who were thrown in together and launched as the greatest singing sensation, boy was i wrong! they were oozing with talent, the sing and dance superbly and their lead singer, Mocha, was a great host as well. hubby and i were impressed, as well as the whole crowd! they sang cover songs from beyonce, the pussycat dolls and spice girls, and of course some of their own songs. after the show, we went on looking at the cars, hubby even had the chance to talk to once of the race drivers of a red honda, i can't tell you guys what they were talking about because it was all technical blah blah for me =)

sunday morning was spent ironing all of my and hubby's uniform. sunday afternoon was spent at apple's austin's party at marist school. he had a sports theme going for his party. bea came in a tennis attire, complete with a sweat band and wrist bands from osh kosh. cutie!

too bad bea couldn't join in most of the games since she was too young, but when it was time for the bring me game, we actively participated. it was quite embarassing, but when the host asked for a coin with a hole ( a 5 centavo coin) , there were only 2 of us who came up with one... hehehe. at least bea got a prize. she also won for bringing a feeding bottle (which contained only water, as always) but bea got the most prizes for bringing a dancing mommy and a singing daddy... 'nuff said. hahaha!!!

after this fun afternoon, we proceeded to laguna for an overnight stay at splash mountain. when we got there, the hotel was already fully booked! we were then referred to the newly built hotel nearby Oasis Hotel, which was owned and operated by the same people. when we got there, it was more quite and relaxing, however the rates were not relaxing at all! good thing we talked to the receptionist and she kind enough to give us a discount.

that night we snuck in our little rice cooker and water heater. shhh! we had noodles, and canned tuna too. so we can save on our food. hehehe... we also steamed chicken hotdogs for breakfast. tipid! *wink*

bea had a great time, this is her third time to swim and i she definitely enjoyed it! plus the water was warm, just the way she likes it. she had fun on the pool slides and rode in her floater most of the time. they also had a playground where she tried the swings.

after lunch, we packed up and left for home. the travel home was fast! none of the expected traffic along the highway, although the roads were being repaired, it caused no problems.

when we got home, we were all so tired, all of us except the little girl who was able to take a nap in the car. she was her usual energetic self bounding out of the car eagerly telling her lolo of her adventures. now if only she'd eat and drink her milk properly, we'd take her out more often. even while in laguna, feeding her was a struggle. argh!

anyway, that was the weekend that was. now, a saturday, i'm off to our company outing in fontana. too bad i couldn't take hubby and bea along. no companions this year. oh well.

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