Saturday, April 19, 2008

cheap steaks for cheapskates

just wanna share our dining experience a couple of weeks ago. on our way home, hubby experienced a craving for steak, but since it was out of the budget, eating yummy steak was out of the question. but as fate would have it, we passed by this place called slice ’n dice. it boasted of 99 peso steaks. we were simply intrigued! at what’s more, it was still open at 12 midnight!

we went in and the ambiance was welcoming and comfortable enough. waiters were courteous, alive and attentive, even at that time of night. i ordered a squid steak for only P70+, hubby ordered a Tbone steak for P99. we also ordered additional stirfried kangkong also for just P60. all orders except the Tbone came with rice. yummy!!! then we ordered bottomless iced tea for less that P50. (sorry, my memory is so poor!) after we ordered, we were given magazines to help pass the time while waiting for our orders. how thoughtful of the owners to think about this detail. =) and of course, the food was YUMMY!

what can i say about our dining experience at slice n’ dice? two thumbs way up!!

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Photowalker said...

Thanks for sharing. I finally got to see the food there. Mukhang masarap naman pala. Will try it sometime.

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