Wednesday, January 30, 2008

farewell mr. ledger

i know it's a bit late, but i just want to bid a reluctant and sad farewell to heath ledger... an actor, whome in my opinion, was destined for the big time. i loved him since i first saw knight's tale. i even watched sin eater (hated it though). he gave a great performance in the brokeback mountain. i was happy for him when he fell in love and started a family with michelle... so much to offer. so many movies to make. so much life to live.

gone too soon.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

phone conversation with bea

just this week, bea learned how to converse over the phone. every since she was a little baby, she was always interested with phones. in fact, i think "hello" or "yow" was her first word. hahaha. she always grabbed at the handset, pretending to talk to someone. when i talked to her over the phone though, she'd just listen and smile.

now, she has started to converse with the person on the other end of the line! she'd answer to questions, sing, mumble... in other word, she is now responding... hehehe kakaakiw. she finally grasped the concept of phones. =) big girl na talaga

Sunday, January 20, 2008

bea's checkup

yesterday, we went to st. luke's for bea's checkup. this is our first time to go without hubby. i was a bit sad, our usual "pictorial" while waiting for our turn in the doctor's office is just not the same. bea wasn't a affected though. she was her usual happy self.

the doc said she got TALLER. ha! that's good news. 10.5 kilos at two years old, hmmm. still underweight... but ok still since she gained weight. i just keep on looking at the bright side. her cough is still bad, it makes her vomit more than usual. her doc listened to her lungs and said it seemed clear so we just need to continue her meds.

i'm still really worried about her vomiting. it gotten worse AGAIN.

just now, she threw up everything... her milk, vitamins, meds. she was too tired for another round of "forced" milk so i just put her to bed. we'll try again when she wakes up.

Friday, January 18, 2008

beloved freebies

came across this is in memory of her lost son. don't forget to leave a message. =)
check it out, from serentiy scrapbooking

LO share

just wanna share this LO i made from a quick page. that's what i love about QP's, the LO's come out so great, parang totoong ako ang nagscrap! hahaha!

my love my sweet011208
alphas by Embrace Life_SandeKrieger_Memory Makers

word art by Jump into Fall and Love and Affection Kit By and © Daniela Peuss
fancy free qp and papers by LLIELLA Designs
charm star by Faith Hope and Love Add-OnCreated by ©2006 Beth Nixon

i am legend

last night hubby and i got the chance to watch a movie again. we met up in sta lucia mall and watched i am legend. hmm... what can i say. i've always liked will smith as an actor, although he has the tendency to overact sometimes. in this movie he did mighty fine! =)

you can see the emotions going through his face... definitely tugged my heartstrings.

i thought the movie was too simple, so i wasn't really that interested in watching it, just another vampire movie...but hubby wanted to watch it so, go! hehehe...

it turned out to be a good movie. lots of action, lots of suspense, a trickling of tearjerkers...

the only con in our movie watching experience was the cinema it self! the speakers were emitting this loud, irritating noise. you can barely hear the movie! grrrr. cinema 9 of sta lucia!yooohooo! calling the people in charge, fix the darn speakers! it was ANNOYING!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

special LO for a special girl!

no rain011708
Spring Kit © 2005 by Francine S. HamanBeadlum ElementsCreated by ©2007 Beth Nixonswirl by harvest spice -shabby princess
just sharing!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

family pic project

last christmas, apple asked us for a family pic, that was when i realized we had no current family picture. so i made a new rule. every sunday before going to church, we will have a family pictorial. here is our first one. we asked my sis to take this one.
i hope we can stick to our plan. =)

broken resolution

i broke my new year's resolution and bought a book about scrapping. it was on sale in powerbooks. see the title. so appropriate for me.... =)
it also discusses tips for newbies like me. it's definitely a steal! i've bought more expensive books but picked up so little lessons. this book is really informative. ok. so maybe i'm just making excuses for my broken resolution... so what... *wink*

bea's christmas LO

let me share with you my christmas LO for bea...
christmasstripes kit
bended frames by welli designs
bunny by francin haman-springfling
snowflake by Barbara LeMay

at a cross roads

i know i was not born an accountant. i knew it in my heart. the problem is that i was born to a family of accountants... hence... BSAccountancy. oh well.

what i really wanted to take up in college was psychology and computer science. but being the good girl that i am... i followed the path chosen for me and accepted it as the "best choice".

now after 4 years of college and 10 years of working, accountancy has not grown on me even a bit. i have no appreciation at all as to how it all works. i'm not saying accounting is no good, it IS good, especially for those who want to go into business. it helped my parents a lot in managing our finances and in putting up their business. i'm just saying it's no good for ME.

so, at 31, i ask myself, now what?!

Monday, January 14, 2008

digital scrapbooking is my therapy

it's true. a week ago i was so depressed because of work. in my misery, i decided to try scrapping again. i have no other creative outlet you see. i came up with my drama queen LO. =) after that, i felt enthusiastic again! i immediately downloaded the latest freebies, i even tried buying some stuff online. last weekend, i made a couple of LO's in one sitting, and i actually felt happy, after a loooong while!

yipeee! the sun is shining again.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

remembering our honeymoon

today, i stayed home and spent a little "me" time. missedhubby terribly. i'm still not used to the fact that he works on saturdays. thinking about him made me think about the special moments we spent together too, and it inspired me to scrap about our honeymoon years ago. pics aren't that clear because they were just scanned from our old photos.

"Love & Affection" and "sipmlicity" Kit By and © Daniela Peuss
pebbles from A BEAUTIFUL MESS Kit © 2006 by Lisa Whitneyjournaling strips by harvest sprice - shabby princess

Thursday, January 10, 2008

fr. fernando suarez healing @ mega

my sis just came back from megamall after assisting in the mass and individual healing conducted by filipino healing priest fr. fernando suarez. she shared with me this pic, taken during the actual healing. notice the flame-like light at fr. fernando's head and the light coming from his healing hands.

AMAZING! God's healing grace caught on camera!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

no longer a virgin

i'm talking about my paypal. yesterday i used it.... i actually bought some kits for digiscrapping. hahaha! don't ask me how much i spent, let's just say i used up SOME of my earnings from sponsored opps. =)

it felt good, cheered me up a little. it was addicting though. i felt excited when i was adding stuff to my cart, then the checking out process... then came the downloading of the files, now that took forever, in fact i'm still downloading them now. o well.

jumpstarted my scrapping. =)

happy bea

good thing bea's feeling better nowadays. the vomitting has subsided, only a few episodes these past days. i caught her in very good mood, happily babbling, smiling her endearing smile! i can't believe she's turning two soon! how time flies!
A BEAUTIFUL MESS Kit © 2006 by Lisa Whitney
ribbon and index by praline and cream kit by lleilla @ scrapgoo

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

drama queen

i told myself i should scrap, and this is what i came up with. how depressed can i be.

butterfly by Sylvia Unterweger Designs
beads by designing on the edge
drama queen qp by Lori Barnhurst
hand stamped alpha by Michelle Coleman.

my curious bea

here's a pic taken by ninong alwyn.

my bea is now a super curious toddler! she is interested about anything and everything. she's learning new things, new words, heck even new dance steps. hahaha, papaya and marimar are now her faves, although her ninang says that bea took after her, ang tigas ng katawan! =)

i am on strike

i've had it.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

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