Sunday, January 20, 2008

bea's checkup

yesterday, we went to st. luke's for bea's checkup. this is our first time to go without hubby. i was a bit sad, our usual "pictorial" while waiting for our turn in the doctor's office is just not the same. bea wasn't a affected though. she was her usual happy self.

the doc said she got TALLER. ha! that's good news. 10.5 kilos at two years old, hmmm. still underweight... but ok still since she gained weight. i just keep on looking at the bright side. her cough is still bad, it makes her vomit more than usual. her doc listened to her lungs and said it seemed clear so we just need to continue her meds.

i'm still really worried about her vomiting. it gotten worse AGAIN.

just now, she threw up everything... her milk, vitamins, meds. she was too tired for another round of "forced" milk so i just put her to bed. we'll try again when she wakes up.

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Rissa said...

wow! 10.5kg for a 2-yr old? i think ganyan talaga pag girl sis kac magaan talaga ang mga girls. my 2-yr old is so big and heavy too. minsan natatakot ako baka di na healthy pero di naman sya obese. he's almost 40inches in height and 30something pounds naman sa weight. di ko na nga makarga halos, lol! anyway, napahaba na ang story ko. i hope ur baby gets well soon. ingat and kisses to her.

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