Wednesday, January 16, 2008

at a cross roads

i know i was not born an accountant. i knew it in my heart. the problem is that i was born to a family of accountants... hence... BSAccountancy. oh well.

what i really wanted to take up in college was psychology and computer science. but being the good girl that i am... i followed the path chosen for me and accepted it as the "best choice".

now after 4 years of college and 10 years of working, accountancy has not grown on me even a bit. i have no appreciation at all as to how it all works. i'm not saying accounting is no good, it IS good, especially for those who want to go into business. it helped my parents a lot in managing our finances and in putting up their business. i'm just saying it's no good for ME.

so, at 31, i ask myself, now what?!

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