Saturday, October 27, 2007

hospital blues part 2

sunday night, when we got to our room, another little girl was occupying the next bed, same case as bea's too, vomiting / LBM. they looked like pretty nice folks. we were led to the treatment room where the IV was inserted to little one's veins. they tried twice on her right hand but her veins kept on "collapsing". i don't really know what that means, but the docs said that it was due to dehydration. they tried again on her left hand and is turns out, the third time's the charm. as expected the little one howled in pain, all the while looking straight into my eyes as if asking why are you letting them hurt me like this?! i felt so guilty!

back in our room, we met our roomies, the Tuazon family. they were very kind and understanding. i kept apologizing for bea's howling (every diaper change, which was often) and they kept on telling us not to worry about it. their 2.5 year old daughter was also sick with the same symptoms as bea's...

on our first night, we were all adjusting to our surroundings. "namamahay" as we say it in Filipino. bea's slept soundly, disturbed only by an LBM episode and the diaper change that followed. they following day, bea's disposition remained dreary. she still won't smile, cried her lungs out whenever a nurse with bright patterns on her uniform entered the room, won't play with us, opted to rest or sleep.... after lunch, signs of her old happy self started showing... a little smile here and there... her appetite picked up... still cried a lot though during diaper change. 7 LBM episodes the whole day... trying to get urine sample was a CHALLENGE! she was given antibiotics through her IV.

tuesday, 6 LBM episodes. smiling and bubbly. back to her usual self. her IV back flowed a couple of times during the day (she was sooo active crawling/walking all over her bed, she pulled at her IV a couple of times), the nurse had to come and flush it to clear the tubes. more howling from the little one. her tushy was still sore, but some of her wounds started to dry up... our roomie was discharged already, leaving the room to ourselves. took in milk, lots of biscuits, some apple...

wednesday, LBM episode once while at the hospital... laughing out loud, singing, trying to jump off the bed railing... and yes a couple more IV back flows... we were discharged at 5pm.

at around 4pm we started tidying up our things, getting ready to go home. i went to the billing section to settle our bill, then to our pedia's clinic to settle her PF, by the time i got back to our room, little one was free of her IV line, dressed up and ready to go.

it was so nice to see her walking/running on the hallway... only to come running back whenever she'd encounter a nurse.

on our first night they took stool sample and had it cultured. after 3 days, the diagnosis: some kind of bacteria, active growth. the pedia said she ingested something dirty. she probably got it from putting stuff in her mouth and/or while taking a bath she might have drank some unclean water... grrr!

thursday, back to work for hubby, i stayed home to monitor bea's progress. same kulit... although 7 LBM episodes!!! i called up the pedia she said i should give the anti bacterial she prescribed some time to work in her body, meanwhile i should just try to hydrate bea with water-hydrite solution. hmmmm... sounds familiar. oh well... what can i do...?

friday,back to work for me. called home often.... 5 LBM episodes... according to her Lolo, she liked to drink water more than to eat... i am worried. can this be a sign that she is again dehydrated?

i really hope and pray that bea's on her way to complete recovery...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

hospital blues...

just got back from the hospital... here's what happened:

ok, so there was no sense in whining about how our nanny caused me to be absent from work last week, since it seems that i was destined not to have a complete attendance for october. last friday, i had to leave work early, because my father called and told me that little bea was vomitting and having LBM still (this started the night before, although i thought she was already better that friday morning), and that she was already weak. she wouldn't smile, wouldn't walk. she's not her usual kulit self anymore. so i took a cab home to pick bea and yaya, then took the same cab to the hospital. when we got there, the pedia checked her up. by this time she already vomitted 4 times and LBM 5 times, just for that morning. the pedia mixed 1 sachet of hydrite with 7 oz of water and asked her to drink it. she did, little by little. our pedia said this was a good sign, as long as she doesn't vomit anymore we will just try and hydrate her. one 7oz solution per hour. then we were sent home. thank God the vomitting did stop. her last episode was during the cab ride to the hospital. but the LBM continued... saturday came 7 LBM episodes. almost no food/milk intake. sunday, bea ate taho, some banana and french fries... but 8 LBM episodes. her appetite was ok but we were worried since i think the food she takes doesn't take a long time in her tummy, they go out almost as soon they come in. hubby and i were worried! we also noticed diaper rash on her tushy... that was why she'd howl every diaper change. all throughout the weekend, we were in touch with our pedia, by sunday night, we were told to head for the the admissions office at the hospital, she'd arrange everything. i requested for bed in the hospital ward, i assumed we'd just be there overnight, just enough time to hydrate her again. when we got there i was informed that all she could get was a semi private room. so starts our stay at the hospital. oh well...

our little girl on our first night at the hospital,

she's still missing her smile...

to be continued...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

argh! never ending nanny troubles!

i haven't updated my blog for such a loooong time... ( a week!) so what happened? where do i start?

the past two weeks have been so tiring but strangely fulfilling. as i've posted before, i've been up as early as 4:30 to prepare hubby's breakfast and lunch. i wait for the nanny who comes in at around 6:15, then i leave for work. yep, i can't believe it myself, because prior to hubby's new job, i'd wake up at around 6:15-6:30 and leave for work at around 7:10, and as expected... i am usually late. 2 weeks of perfect attendance and zero tardiness at work! woohoo! snaps for me! this is something new for me! for the first time, i walked in our office with my head held high... instead on just sneaking in and hoping no one notices. and still... some good things are never meant to last. last monday, i woke up early as usual. prepared everything, got dressed, changed bea's diaper, fixed bea's breakfast... then waited for the nanny. 6:15.. no nanny. 6:30.... no nanny. hubby finally called her... only to be told that she won't be coming... grrrr! she had our cell phone number, was it too much to spend a peso to text us and inform us that we were actually eagerly waiting for NO ONE!

i felt bad because i had to stay up till 1am the night before ironing our clothes... then wake up at 4:30 to get ready for work... only to be greeted by a no show from our nanny... the worse thing about it is that since i had to stay home to take care of my little one... i'm absent from work again! hmp. and i thought i was going to make it through october with no absences.... oh well...

i just don't feel comfortable with our nanny set up. i wish we can find someone who can stay in with us.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

my little kikay girl!

lately, our little bea's been so enamored with bags. it all started with her diaper bag. whenever she'd see it, she'd try to carry it. take note, she knows how to carry it, she'd put the long strap on her shoulder, of course the bag would stay on the floor... then she'd try to drag it around. =) she calls it "bah" (bag).

then one morning, just when my sister was going out the door to leave for her office, bea got hold of her small bag and held it hostage. (she didn't want her ninang to go...) she just refused to give up the bag! her nanny had to divert her attention to get the bag as ninang was sneaking out. the next day, to prevent a similar drama, ninang gave bea her spare bag. bea was ecstatic! she immediately carried it (it fit perfectly!) and started going from room to room in our house, with a wide smile on her face! here's a pic:

that night, ninang also bought bea a pretty little pink bag... needless to say she loved it too! my little kikay girl! =)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mama's birthday celebration

last september 22, we celebrated my mom's birthday by visiting her grave and offering prayers for her. it was a very rainy saturday morning, but it did not deter us from going through with our plans =) i woke up early to do the laundry, good thing our new nanny came in early, she was able to help me as i was rinsing the clothes. i fixed bea's breakfast which we brought along with us. too bad hubby wasn't able to come with us since he had a scheduled interview that morning. so my dad, my sister, the nanny, bea and me all got in my sister's car "simon" and drove off to visit our mom. when we got there, Tita Luz and Kuya Noel were already there waiting for us. it was drizzling, good thing we brought a super big umbrella for bea =) we couldn't risk her catching a cold. =) as we prayed the rosary, i expected bea to act up, she's in that stage where she just can't stay put! she always wants to be carried, and then once you carry her, she'd demand to be put down... kulit! =) i was surprised, because she actually stayed put. she was probably not yet comfortable with the place, plus the rain is still a new concept for her... anyway, she was a very good girl while we were praying the rosary.

after prayers, and the customary singing of the birthday song amidst the rain, we all headed to mcdonald's for yummy breakfast. tita luz, ate jenny and i ordered sandwiches, kuya noel had the big breakfast, while ate and papa ordered the longganisa meal. bea had hash brown, the soft boiled egg we brought with us, and ninang's orange juice. =) for desert, my darling sister brought along a special cake for the occasion, a banoffee cake, a topseller from banapple of katipunan road.... this is officially hubby's new fave cake. (we tasted red ribbon's version, i didn't like it as much) yuuummmyyy! lol!

that was the first time i went out with bea, minus hubby, i really missed him. =(
the gloomy weather didn't help a bit...
anyway, it was a very pleasant morning with the family, despite the rains... i hope my mom enjoyed it as much as we did...
belated happy birthday mimits!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

philippine paypal accounts can now receive money! woohoo!

hey! i just got the good news, paypal accounts from the philippines have both send and receive functions already!! i read it from another blog, yugatech. this is really good news for pinoy bloggers! although you still have to withraw money to a us bank account... hmmm. another option is Xoom. i think you can withraw funds from paypal and have deposited to your local bank account, or just get your money over the counter. =)
good, good news indeed! no more need to bug family and friends from the US just so we can ride with their paypal account =)
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