Thursday, October 11, 2007

my little kikay girl!

lately, our little bea's been so enamored with bags. it all started with her diaper bag. whenever she'd see it, she'd try to carry it. take note, she knows how to carry it, she'd put the long strap on her shoulder, of course the bag would stay on the floor... then she'd try to drag it around. =) she calls it "bah" (bag).

then one morning, just when my sister was going out the door to leave for her office, bea got hold of her small bag and held it hostage. (she didn't want her ninang to go...) she just refused to give up the bag! her nanny had to divert her attention to get the bag as ninang was sneaking out. the next day, to prevent a similar drama, ninang gave bea her spare bag. bea was ecstatic! she immediately carried it (it fit perfectly!) and started going from room to room in our house, with a wide smile on her face! here's a pic:

that night, ninang also bought bea a pretty little pink bag... needless to say she loved it too! my little kikay girl! =)


Heart of Rachel said...

She looks like she's ready to party. So cute! The pink bag suits her well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen/Bernard,
Kailan nyo sundan ng little kikoy-boy si little-kikay Bea ? Cheers ! -gELO

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