Friday, October 5, 2007

Mama's birthday celebration

last september 22, we celebrated my mom's birthday by visiting her grave and offering prayers for her. it was a very rainy saturday morning, but it did not deter us from going through with our plans =) i woke up early to do the laundry, good thing our new nanny came in early, she was able to help me as i was rinsing the clothes. i fixed bea's breakfast which we brought along with us. too bad hubby wasn't able to come with us since he had a scheduled interview that morning. so my dad, my sister, the nanny, bea and me all got in my sister's car "simon" and drove off to visit our mom. when we got there, Tita Luz and Kuya Noel were already there waiting for us. it was drizzling, good thing we brought a super big umbrella for bea =) we couldn't risk her catching a cold. =) as we prayed the rosary, i expected bea to act up, she's in that stage where she just can't stay put! she always wants to be carried, and then once you carry her, she'd demand to be put down... kulit! =) i was surprised, because she actually stayed put. she was probably not yet comfortable with the place, plus the rain is still a new concept for her... anyway, she was a very good girl while we were praying the rosary.

after prayers, and the customary singing of the birthday song amidst the rain, we all headed to mcdonald's for yummy breakfast. tita luz, ate jenny and i ordered sandwiches, kuya noel had the big breakfast, while ate and papa ordered the longganisa meal. bea had hash brown, the soft boiled egg we brought with us, and ninang's orange juice. =) for desert, my darling sister brought along a special cake for the occasion, a banoffee cake, a topseller from banapple of katipunan road.... this is officially hubby's new fave cake. (we tasted red ribbon's version, i didn't like it as much) yuuummmyyy! lol!

that was the first time i went out with bea, minus hubby, i really missed him. =(
the gloomy weather didn't help a bit...
anyway, it was a very pleasant morning with the family, despite the rains... i hope my mom enjoyed it as much as we did...
belated happy birthday mimits!


raqgold said...

minsan kahit rainy days, masarap din mag bonding, di ba?

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sure your mom is grateful that the family took time to be together on her special day. Your prayers and love are the perfect gifts.

karen said...

hi raggold, minsan nga mas masarap talaga PAG umuulan, yun nga lang i prefer to bond indoors, hehehe... =) takot ako sa tubig. =)

hi rach, sana nga she liked it, medyo matagal na since we gathered and celebrated her birthday =)

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