Monday, December 28, 2009

after thought...

My previous post got me thinking… maybe aside from the fact that our family is not as complete and in tact as it used to be…maybe my bah-humbug attitude was also brought about by my many activities leading to the big day. I didn’t really have enough time to internalize and appreciate the season and what it means. I’ve had so many things going on in my life… my personal life (gimiks/reunions with various groups of friends, anniversary celebs, tons of pic taken and waiting to be scrapped, books purchased and waiting to be read,), my daughter’s school activities, my so called career (blech)…,I am just not used to this! I just like being laid back and basking in nothingness… hahaha! I guess I got caught up. It’s my fault. hay.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Misa De Gallo

Christmas is definitely here! This despite my not feeling very Christmassy… Hubby and I attended the first day of the novena masses yesterday. We attended the anticipated mass at the Greenbelt Chapel where he works nearby. We decided not to attend the dawn masses simply because there is a higher probability of us finishing the 9 succeeding novena masses if we attend the masses at night instead of the dawn masses. =)

Here’s to hoping we complete it this year! =)

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Super Duper Hectic Weekend That Was...


It started last Friday, officemates scheduled a dinner at a nearby restaurant. I really wanted to go since it was a new resto and I wanted to try their food,  but I was also thinking about dropping by the David’s Salon near our office, since I badly needed color on my hair. In the end, I opted to go to the salon and just gave away my slot at the dinner table… I spent a couple of hours at the salon (got myself a pedicure too, and chose a fire truck red nail polish) hubby fetched me and we proceeded to the Mang Inasal Restaurant for a late dinner. We got home late, but still went ahead and watched the DVD we rented (Lindsay Lohan’s I Know Who Killed Me).

The next day, I woke up early… trying to accomplish some scrap projects. Then I snoozed for a bit with the little girl… when we woke up, we ate a late lunch and proceeded to Puregold to buy some stuff for the Barkada Christmas Party the next day. Hubby and I then proceeded to the Intellicare Clinic in Makati for my check up. The verdict: I need a colonoscopy. (sigh!). We made a quick stop at Watson’s to buy some goodies for relatives leaving for the US. Our next and last stop was the Magallanes Complex. Hubby’s boss was celebrating his birthday and he hosted a dinner/videoke session. I was not in a sociable mood so I opted to stay in the car, still tinkering with my scrap projects…  After more than 2 hours, we were on our way home… stopping at the 7-11 store just to buy a hershey’s hot choco…

When we got home, we were dead tired and just literally fell on the bed and in deep slumber in no time…

After a few hours, I woke up at 3:30am. I got up to wash my face and brush my teeth… then I remembered that I still had some chores to do… the dishes I whipped up at CafĂ© World were cooked and ready for transfer to the counter *wink*, and I still had gifts to wrap. I knew I needed to wrap these gifts while the little girl was still asleep since she’d want to play with the toys meant as gifts for other kids….I got a little carried away when I decided to print my own Christmas tags. I found the cutest tags online and I tried printing them, but the black ink on my printer was running low, so I had to replace it first. It was my first time to replace the cartridges, so it took me so long… =) After a while I was finally able to print the tags, wrap the gifts and just as I was to put them in the bags, I heard small footsteps behind me, I didn’t notice that it was already 6:00am and the little one was already up!

I played with the little one for a little while, then I woke the nanny up, told her to start feeding the little one, since we were going to hear mass at 9:00am. As for me, I went back to bed and fell into a fitful sleep.

Hubby woke me at 8:30am. We all rushed to get ready for church but we still arrived late, leaving us no choice but to stand since there were no seats left.

After mass, hubby proceeded to a christening of a friend’s daughter, while my sister, the little one, the nanny and I hopped on my sister’s car and proceeded to Cabalen at Sta. Lucia Mall for our relative’s despedida. It was a rare occasion since we were almost complete =) save for my father who had a prior commitment and a cousin who was in the province, Pamilya Ganda was complete! It was an eat-all-you can buffet, so after lunch I was so full I literally thought I was going to burst! Hahaha! I only went to the buffet table once but since I was having digestion problems, (hence my check up) I felt soooo full!

At 2:30pm, no one was still standing up to leave, but we had no choice but apologize and leave early since we are still going to host a Christmas party for friends at 4:00pm!

Before leaving the mall, we went up to the department store to get a gift for the little girl who was christened that morning. Then we rushed home, hoping none of my friends decided to come early… on the way, we picked up some ice and table napkins. When we got home, we cooked the rice and the lechon kawali, bought the soft drinks, arranged the rented tables and chairs, hubby attached the balloons on the gate and grills, and made last-minute ligpit around the house.

Finally at 4:40pm, our friends and their families started to arrive…we decided to go potluck this year so they came bringing their promised dishes and desserts. I warned them that the little girl didn’t really have that many toys so friend Apple, volunteered to bring her son’s plastic slide and rocking horse so the kids were able to bond and play together. Hubby and I were very happy to note that the little girl is now big enough to play with the other kids, unlike in the previous years when she couldn’t join in the fun since she’s easily knocked down by the boisterous boys… =)

The yummy smell of Lechong Kawali filled up the whole house, provoking our appetites, so by 5:30pm, after a round of picture taking, we started eating dinner. Yum-yum!!!

After dessert, the boys started their own discussion/bonding session while drinking beer, while us girls caught up with the latest chismis over a bottle of The Bar. At around 9:00pm we exchanged gifts, to the delight of the kids! The husbands played their roles perfectly, paparazzi for the night, as we happily gave each other gifts. One of them remarked that next year they should be part of the exchange gifts too. Hehehe…good luck with that!

Before going home we tried rounding up the kids for a photo op by the Christmas tree, but since it was already late, they were already cranky and some refused to cooperate so we just moved the photo op to the couch and just clicked away since none of the kids were really in the mood to face the camera directly and smile… =)

After a few more pics of us – the party officially came to a halt… and with it our super duper hectic weekend!


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