Thursday, October 4, 2007

philippine paypal accounts can now receive money! woohoo!

hey! i just got the good news, paypal accounts from the philippines have both send and receive functions already!! i read it from another blog, yugatech. this is really good news for pinoy bloggers! although you still have to withraw money to a us bank account... hmmm. another option is Xoom. i think you can withraw funds from paypal and have deposited to your local bank account, or just get your money over the counter. =)
good, good news indeed! no more need to bug family and friends from the US just so we can ride with their paypal account =)

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rowena said...

Hi Karen, been wanting to do sponsored post but am kinda shy to ask my relatives/friends to borrow their PayPal account. Good thing Union Bank has a tie-up with Paypal already. I just opened an EON visa electron account with them where there's no deposit required nor maintaining balance. Next week, I can get my card na and open a PayPal account. Am so excited to do PPP, Smorty & others...:-)

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