Friday, January 18, 2008

i am legend

last night hubby and i got the chance to watch a movie again. we met up in sta lucia mall and watched i am legend. hmm... what can i say. i've always liked will smith as an actor, although he has the tendency to overact sometimes. in this movie he did mighty fine! =)

you can see the emotions going through his face... definitely tugged my heartstrings.

i thought the movie was too simple, so i wasn't really that interested in watching it, just another vampire movie...but hubby wanted to watch it so, go! hehehe...

it turned out to be a good movie. lots of action, lots of suspense, a trickling of tearjerkers...

the only con in our movie watching experience was the cinema it self! the speakers were emitting this loud, irritating noise. you can barely hear the movie! grrrr. cinema 9 of sta lucia!yooohooo! calling the people in charge, fix the darn speakers! it was ANNOYING!

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