Friday, December 7, 2007

home with bea

my chance of getting through december without leave from work flew out the window yesterday, when our still stay-out nanny didn't come for work because it is her father's burial. in fairness, she did tell us in advance, but we had no other choice. i had to stay home with little bea.

the good: i was able to spend more time with her, play with her and actually take care of her. it has been days since i saw her awake when i came home at night. i noticed that she has grown! her shoes, which used to be too big for her now fits her exactly! hehehe... dresses are now too short... pajamas now look like leggings for her. hehehe...

the bad: she is still so hard to feed. i can get only 2 mouthfuls of rice in her then she'd get so cranky and we'd fight. *sigh* i'd try to make it up by giving her more milk, only it takes soo long.... but then again, what else is new =)

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