Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the kalamansi experiment

what do you do when you've got nothing but time while eating at a restaurant? conduct experiments of course!

bea is her usual kulit self while we were eating at a resto and hubby had this brilliant idea: test bea's tolerance for sour things! this has always been his weakness. he finds even the sweet kyat-kyat "too sour". he wants to find out if bea took after him or after me (i love fruits, although i'm not really into sour fruits, i can tolerate them if i think they're good for my health)... hence, the kalamansi experiment.

the following scenes followed:

i therefore conclude that our bea tolerates the sour taste pretty well, as you can see, she got through the ordeal unscathed and smiling. =)

another successful experiment. stay tuned for more!

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