Saturday, May 31, 2008

sick sick sick!

that's me, these past two weeks. first week, i was almost deaf, really. i hear everything in a muffled manner. i consulted an ent in makati med, recommended by intellicare, and she said that i had an ear infection. my ear canals were red from the middle ear to the eardrum. no wonder i couldn't hear much! plus i was feeling so much pressure from my ears. anyway, i was given a prescription for natravox and claritin. i went to mercury drug only to find out that the natravox costs P69 each! and i was to take in 2x a day for a week! waaaah! i only bought 8 because it was so expensive. i started taking it immediately. and guess what, i had an allergic reaction! rashes started to appear on my skin. the rashes i can endure, but the itchiness... GRRRRR!!!!

so i went back to the doc after 5 days, she checked my ears and said they were much better then i showed her my rashes and she said that i must always remember from then on that i am allergic to that type of medicine. duh! so then she prescribes me some more meds for my rashes and the itchiness. a few days ago, while i was at the office, i started to feel so cold, by 3pm i was already shivering. i had a fever and i didn't know why i took alaxan and went home early, took alaxan again that night and slept pretty well only to be awakened by a rumbling stomach. LBM! wahhh again! up to now, lbm pa din, no more fever though. wawa!

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