Monday, July 14, 2008

dreaming of mama

last night i dreamt of mama. she was here with us in the house, and everything was normal. stupid me, i kept on thinking that something is not the way it's supposed to be... and yet i can't point my finger to exactly what it is.... plus mama just kept on sleeping. she'd be awake for awhile then the next minute she'd be sleeping again. hmm...

when i woke up, that's when i realized that what was different was that she has long since passed on... hmm. maybe she wants to give me a message.

i hope i dream of her again tonight.

i miss her.

p.s. maybe it's hearing ABBA songs over and over again... ABBA was one of her favorite bands and was a staple presence in our household when i was young, every sunday morning and weeknight evenings...

1 comment:

Random Ramblings said...

i miss her too a lot =(

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