Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sudoku mojo is back!

i don't know what happened but all of a sudden i am interested to solve sudoku puzzles once again. my interest fizzled out a while back when i got busy with other things, but i still remember last year when the whole department in our office was addicted to sudoku. (yeah... those were such happy times, of not so long ago... when we were still allowed to laugh and be jovial)
yesterday i just felt like buying those puzzle books from the bookstore and started to solve some sudoku puzzles. of course i am just a novice, but i am quite proud of myself whenever i successfully finish one puzzle. my best time is 5 mins. i know.. i know.. not that good really, but it's my personal best. walang pakialaman! =)

1 comment:

liza said...

sobrang na-addict din ako jan sa sudoku, pero nabawasan when i started blogging.

thanks for dropping by karen ;) tc

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