Saturday, July 19, 2008

why is no one taking me seriously?

i keep telling everyone i am not happy at work. i hate it in fact. i am not cut out for accounting work. it just so happened that it was the path chosen for me.

i am now training for the job i hate, hoping to be promoted in a job i dislike, just because of the money, but then again, what isn't about the money these days, huh?

i am being pressured to take out a housing loan, i have been trying to explain that if i had any other choice i'd rather take that than to take out a loan from the office because then, i would still like to have the option of leaving it before it sucks the life out of me. taking out a housing loan from our office is like putting another nail in my coffin. being stuck in the office for another 20 years.... argh!

it's so frustrating.

am i supposed to just grin and bear it, for that is what life has laid out for me... life sentence in corporate hell? or do i still have an option? but what is that option???

hello? universe... i need a little help here...


Rach said...

I felt the same this time last year. I'd taken a job after college and then stayed there, but wasn't really happy and feeling pressured to move up the ladder. So after almost 8 years I quit and I can't describe the relief I felt!

alpha said...

ako din, di ko type work ko sa bank dati. kaya siguro di ako motivated, yung sweldo lang ang motivation ko hehe. my take on the housing loan, ok lang na you get it, kasi when you leave the company, you can easily trasfer it to commercial loan. saka mabilis ma-aaprove if employee di ba, unlike if you will apply it on your own sa ibang banks. wala lang, opinyon lang.. :D

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