Sunday, April 22, 2007

palanca letter

have you heard of the palanca letters? those letters you give to someone close to you, where you would say things that will make him/her cry for a variety of reasons? out of anger/frustration/gratitude/happinnes etc. well earlier hubby and i had to make one for my father. he joined our parish PREX and it was part of their activities. don't get me wrong, i didn't hate the idea of writing to my dad, it's just that there is so many things i have to say! words of supplication and gratitude. and well, we had a bday party to go to, and we were running late as it is. hayun. sa dami ng isinulat ko pati ni B, late na kami naka alis! pati naman kasi si Bea sumulat. (drawing of a stick-girl holding a phone to her ear saying "eeyow") i didn't expect him to cry. pa-macho ba. i just hope he takes to heart everything i wrote.

wala si ayi maymay so we had to fix bea pa, who was still sleeping soundly. B had to wake her up and give her a quick bath. syempre isa pa akong marami muna seremonyas bago umalis ng bahay, dagdag sa delay.

when we got to mcdo, ok naman, di naman masyadong nakakahiya. iba lang naman ang name na nakalagay sa banner nila. "huh? di ba trish ang name ng bday celebrator? bakit "-" ang nakalagay?!?" "ay mam tapos na po yung party nila, 230-4 po 5 na ngayon" needless to say, umuwi na ang may party, we were more than 1-hr late... hi trish belated happy bday by the way! hmmm... maybe we should write her a palanca letter and hope that someday when she reads it , she'll understand...

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