Tuesday, February 19, 2008

how did you spend valentine's day?

our valentine's day this year was different. we spent it at home. hehehe. no dates. no fancy dinners. no flowers. actually i did receive chocolates and flowers from thoughtful officemates =) we just bought pizza and tried to come home as early as possible so that we can have dinner with the family and little girl, maybe a little videoke session to make it more fun. sadly we got home just before 8pm (still early for our standards!) but the little girl was already asleep, they already had their dinner, and everyone's in their room already. what i planned as a fun night with the family turned out to be a regular night in front of the tv, with hubby. we should've just spent our money watching a movie intead of buying pizza. oh, well, that didn't stop me though, while hubby was happily eating, i sang my heart out anyway. =) my latest dream date: redbox! =)

so our valentine's date turned out to be videoke night for hubby and me. =)

the truth is that even though hubby didn't get me anything this year, i didn't mind. i knew in my heart that if he could (if work didn't take up ALL of his time), he would've. (excuses excuses... hahaha!) hmmm. does this mean i'm becoming more matured and understanding.... so unbecoming of me! =)


Blogberry MOM said...

Hi, nice blog, too! Of course I'm fine with exchanging links. I'll put you on my blogroll...thanks a lot! See yah!

BTW, I had a very simple Valentines celebration...

alpha said...

baka may surprise.. :D metro ka pala, laki daw sweldo dyan a hehe.. bilin mo na yung organizer.. ako nga wala pang bag, nauna na yung organizer hehe

Joy said...

Mine was spent with the family too. Low-key but ok na din. Di na ko nag-expect ng romantic date! LOL!

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