Monday, May 14, 2007

the single day i was more powerful than lacson, cayetano, aquino and others...

i woke up this morning feeling slightly sad. tomorrow is back to work day. how negative huh? greeting a wonderful day with sadness. then i turn to my daughter beside me...happily babbling to herself... and i realize, today is an important day for her, today we vote for her future.

I wanted to vote early, but hubby wasstill relishing the last day of vacation so he's sleeping in.
we got to vote at around 2:30, just afew minutes before the precincts closed.

i won't tell who i voted for, but knowthat they were well thought of. i chose not the really popular candidates butthose whom i really believed in. there were some candidates whom i knowwill not make it to the magic 12, but i voted for them anyway. i believe in themand i just know that with them, my vote will count, win or no win. i just feel bad for those who opted notto vote, because they thought that no matter who they vote for, the cheaterswill win anyway, so why bother. i feel really sad for these people. they are passing up on the only daythey are more powerful than any politician in our country. today we get tochoose who will serve us. today we get to decide who will shape our future by making laws. our chosen ones may not all win, but atleast we gave them our support, and at the end of the day, we did our part inthe electoral process. we did our part as Filipinos.

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