Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Conversation with God

i keep telling myself
i am a weed
unwanted and unnoticed
someone no one really needs

no dear daughter, my God tells me
in fact, you are a tree
tall and strong and worthy
of love and attention
from everybody especially Me

i keep telling myself
i am a worm
unwanted and unnoticed
icky and yucky and scorned

no dear daughter, you should be celebrating!
for to Me you are a cute caterpillar,
wait till you sprout your beautiful wings
Just believe in Me, and you'll go far

but i'm afraid, dear father
i don't know what the future is like for me...
what's in the great beyond?
all i hear is: trust! let go... let God!

you, karen, have always been a petulant child!
impatient, ungrateful and hasty
you insist on hiding in the shadows
you insist on thinking of yourself unworthy
My child, I say to you, listen carefully
in everything in your life:
trust! let go... LET ME!

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