Saturday, November 7, 2009

Starbucks 2010 Planner

Since i have been able to kick the caffeine habit just this year, i really told myself i won't even try to get a starbucks plannner for next year...
the promo started last november 4, 2009... 2 days into the promo... i only have 5 more stickers to go... hehehe. of course i didn't drink them all, my friends and i had coffee there yesterday as a despedida to our friend who was transferring to another office. lucky for me, none of them were planning to collect enough stickers to get the 2010 planner... all their stickers were stuck to my stub! woohoo!
plus, i ordered decaf! =)


*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

We did that last year- but we gave the card to my fiance's sister so she could get the planner, hehe. :)

docgelo said...

lucky you for having only 5 stickers left to complete. i only have started few days ago. i have the 2008 and 2009 sbux planners and am currently racing (?) for next year's. ang saya! hehehe.. i like dark choco mocha and toffee nut among the 3 holiday blends. oh and their christmas pastries are yummies too!

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