Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing, Venting and Me

I had put my blogs on hold for some time. Not intentionally, mind you. I
just felt I had nothing to say. I was really trying to stick to the idea
of The Secret. I veered away from writing anything but positive
things... until I slowly realized that I didn't have any drive or
interest to write at all. Writing has always been my way of venting.
Some drink, some punch walls, I write.

Lacking in verbal skills to effectively communicate my thoughts and
feelings, I write my best when I'm mad or sad. Even extreme happiness is
sometimes not enough motivation for me to write a blog post.

So now I have to decide... write only positive stuff... and wait for the
writing mojo to strike (which sometimes never comes) or write whatever I

I guess right now, I have to compromise. In order to practice my
writing, I will write whatever I feel. I will try to edit as much as
possible, keep it less negative... hahaha... but I give no guarantees.

1 comment:

*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Have missed reading your blog!

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