Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Mother's Day:Pacquiao Dominates Over Mosley

Today, mother’s day, mothers all over are treated to a wonderful gift on top of what their families gave them, the gift of Manny Pacqiao’s victory over opponent Shane Mosely. With this win, Pacquiao retained World Boxing Organization welterweight title.

Too bad MP wasn’t able to score a knockdown, Mosely is so stable! But the scores from the three judges favored our national sports hero: 120-107, 120-108, and 119-107. Sure, we all held our breaths when Pacquiao fell on his fanny on the 10th round but Mosely just stepped on his foot, so officially it was just a trip, not a knockdown!
Our family had a lot of fun watching it since it is our first time to watch a Pacquiao real time, and we didn’t even pay a single cent for it. For their office summer outing, my sister took our whole family with her to Hotel H2O. It so happens that the hotel was showing the fight live, for 995 per head including lunch. Luckily, we had a view of the big screen from the hotel lobby. As early as 10am, our father already secured a seat, and stayed there through all the prefights and until the end of the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight… for free!

When we got home at around 3pm, we turned on the TV and the fight is still on… shows just how the local channels drags on showing the fight to make sure more sponsors are accommodated.

Mother’s day this year is pretty special for me, a free stay at a posh hotel with the whole family and a free Pacquiao-Mosley show! Lucky me!

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