Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stork Studios and the Inspiring Woman Behind It

Yesterday, I met a woman who, along with a partner, set up a very
lucrative business, the Stork Studio. Her specialization: new born
photography. This niche is pretty popular in the States but here in the
Philippines, she is the pioneer. Although Sofia Genato took on a
partner, she basically she runs the whole photography business, from the
marketing to the accounting to the actual taking of pictures. Her
background in advertising sure helps her a lot.

One thing that is quite obvious when one speaks with her it is her
passion for photography! And she's got it all figured out, she wants to
specialize in baby photography. She even invested in further training in
the states, and according to her, it is well worth the expensive

I wish I can also have her passion for her craft. I love how she is so
definite about her goals and dreams. She has concrete dreams from their
business and is actually taking steps to achieve those aspirations.

I also hope for the laser-like focus that she has.

Now I understand why financial gurus promote staying within successful
people's radius. Her joy and enthusiasm for success is simply

I would love to grow our business. Leaving the concrete rat-race has
always been my dream almost from the time I started running in it. Now I
finally have a chance to actually do it. Running a business is
definitely frightening, but hanging on to a job you're miserable in just
because of the fear on the unknown (unemployment) is no way to live.

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