Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Long Overdue Purple Havaianas

Last Saturday, I met with some good friends from college. We were supposed to go on a cruise along Manila Bay and then go for dinner afterwards. Too bad we got stuck in the traffic jam along EDSA. We were supposed to be at the Folk Arts Theater at 4:30pm, but we were still in Estrella at 4:15pm. Tsk tsk tsk. It was only then that I remembered that there was also an international fireworks show in MOA and that is most probably the cause of the horrific traffic. I should know, we experienced this kind of traffic last year, when we went to watch the pyrotechnic display for the first and definitely last time. Travel from Makati to Manila alone took us 3 hours! Argh!

We decided to postpone our cruise, and just have dinner in Makati instead. Me and my friend, whose birthday falls in January, treated the rest of the barkada. I must admit though, I don’t feel the birthday vibes anymore, quite understandable since I celebrated my birthday last November! Haha.

Anyway, seeing my friends was a blast, as always! Chika to the max from the car to the restaurant to the coffee place… we never ran out of stories...and laughter! Plus, I got a long overdue gift from them: a purple and silver Havaianas slippers, my favorite color combination! Thanks guys!

Will post more pics of our dinner date next time.


*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Oh they are gorgeous! I love the braiding on them! Whenever I'm in the Philippines, I always get a pair of Havaianas. You can get them here too, but they are a bit more expensive. Ebay is good for afforable ones sometimes though. :)

Day2DayPrinting.com said...

Those sandals are totally cute. I have a pair of them as well. I can't wait till summer so that I can wear them everyday, its to cold to wear them now. I do have pair of their shoes though, which are really comfortable.

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