Thursday, May 14, 2009

Places: Ace Water Spa Hydrotherapy Massage

Place to visit: Ace Water Spa

Every one needs to relax once in a while thankfully day spas are now available almost everywhere at varying rates depending on the amenities available. We’ve tried a number of them and liked only some.

Last year, we discovered Ace Water Spa, the Philippine’s First European Spa Concept. They offered something new to us weary urbanistas… hydrotherapy massage. The spa utilizes an Ultrasonic Jet System that massages specific areas of the body, and when combined with heat, it removes oils, fats and other non-essential materials from the skin and body, which results to slimming and good blood circulation.

The huge spa is covered and the water is deliciously warm enough to relax your knotted muscles. It is equipped with more than 20 unique and fully automated Ultrasonic Massage System. Surprisingly, the all the aquatic jets are fully operational. =) They target specific areas of the body giving it soft, moderate and hard massages.

Ace Water Spa is definitely a place for the whole family. It even has several areas that can be labeled as “kids’ areas”. Kids will have fun floating around in the current that goes around the entire pool on the Lazy River or they can “hit” each other with the big water guns. Grown Ups can choose to swim in the lapping pool or enjoy the massages that the spa has to offer. Each massage targets specific areas of the body with soft, moderate or hard massages. They also have hot herbal pools that have natural herbs for a relaxing aromatic experience. Sauna and steam rooms are also available to remove the excess water and fats from the body.

The locker rooms are clean and spacious. Attendants are courteous and friendly. Shower rooms are plenty and soap and shampoo are provided.

Bring proper swimming attire and bath towel. For females, bathing suits are required. For males, fitted swim wear is a must. (no board shorts please) if the trip to the spa was unplanned, don’t fret, Ace Water Spa rents out swim suits and bath towels.

Admission Rates: Adults P550 and Kids(4 feet and below) P250. These rates apply for the maximum usage of 4 hours. Don’t worry, this time is more than enough time to enjoy the whole spa experience. They give discounts to big groups so ask for offers and promos before paying. Another reminder: bringing of food and beverages are prohibited. They have the Ace Coffee Lounge within the building if you want snacks and refreshments. In fact, they give away free soup after the spa experience to soothe the growling tummy…

We highly recommend this experience. Great family bonding time while soothing the sore muscles.

Finally, not only a place to go for summer swimming, but the whole year through.


399 Del Monte Ave. SFDM, near cor. Banawe St. Quezon City

Tel No. 367-8040 to 41 or 367-8061 to 62 or 415-0164

Email address:


oprina tiberiu said...

The art of massage as a therapeutic practice is as old as civilization and I consider it to be a form of alternative medicine (although it is not incompatible with modern Western medical practices). After a hard day there is no better way to relax then a long and soothing massage. In my view, the best style is the traditional Thai massage and I urge anyone interested to visit and find all about it.

Robert said...

Thanks for the post, I enjoyed reading it, keep us impressing!


mav said...

How is the parking at Ace? We will be going here on friday:)

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