Monday, October 12, 2009

Choosing between upgrading to a new (old) desktop or a new (old) laptop...

My laptop has conked out on me so many times, I’ve lost count already. A mommy who’s snap-happy and a self-confessed freebie addict, scrap enthusiast plus a 2 yr old laptop with a 30GB HD…not a very good combination. Years ago when I got my laptop, the 30GB HD seemed enough. After all, my digital camera back then was a 3.2 mp bulky sony, and my cell phone had a VGA camera… so they took up less space whenever I uploaded pics to the laptop. Fast forward to today. A 7mp digicam and 5mp cell phones… not to mention the tons of digital scrapbooking resources I’ve accumulated…yep, no wonder the ancient laptop has  been trying to retire.

When I was first introduced to digital scrapbooking… I first upgraded my memory, since Photoshop won’t even open. Then, everything was ok for a year or so… then DVD writer just won’t burn files anymore… then it got so slooooow to even just boot it. There were even times when it just wont boot. Good thing an officemate offered to reformat my laptop and upgrade its OS to windows 7. Now it’s running smoothly but the hard drive is still so limited.

My sister recently got the thing she’s been trying to attract for some time now…a mac book.  So now, she’s selling her old desktop and is offering it to me with a very tempting price and terms. Argh! I so want to… now that I have an official “home office”… but I just can’t let my trusted old laptop go… it’s been so loyal to me… hay. Maybe it’s just the pack rat in me… I love to acquire stuff but I just can’t let anything (no matter how old) go.

So after much contemplation… I have decided to pass up on my sister’s offer and just upgrade my laptop. Maybe I can get a new hard drive with a bigger capacity and a cheaper price (megamall’s having a sale this weekend… hehehe)… hopefully my laptop’s model can still accommodate the upgrade… =)

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*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Hope you can find a nice price on a hard drive. :-) I can't let my laptop go either, I've had it 3 1/2 years now and parts have broken- but I've just repaired it with new parts & upgraded the memory, etc.

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