Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gadgets: Sony Ericsson C905

This is the phone that i've been lusting for... for sometime now... Being a sony ericsson and sony cyber-shot addict and loyalist, it's only natural to want this. why?

The 8.1-megapixel C905 Cyber-shot™ phone is equipped with Xenon flash and is always ready to capture the best moments of your life! haha!

I have been waiting for it to become more affordable... it is now on sale, along with other SE phones at the SE booth at megamall. it now costs a little over 20k. hmmmm.... ok i guess for a phone that can double as a digital camera...w/ wifi connectivity. the only thing that is stopping me from getting one (aside from the money part ehehe) is that there have been many complaints about it on the net. too many to ignore for even a SE lover like me! The disgruntled customers often ranted about the disfunctional earpiece or keypad... i didn't believe it at first, until i finally got to try one. hubby and i went to greenhills to get a second hand unit. i intended to trade my Sony Ericsson C902 for the C905.

we found a booth with friendly looking behind the glass cabinets. they showed us a black C905, and allowed us to test it. I just loved the feel of it in my hands. even nokia-lover hubby conceded that it felt so sturdy, plus the big screen is absolutely beautiful. i tried the camera... and i fell in love with it all over again! hahaha...

the only problem was when we tried to call each other, i couldn't hear hubby on the other line. the sounds was so low plus there was an absolutely irritating buzzing sound. they tried to tell us that it was only because we set the volume to high... but even when i tried to adjust the volume it still sounded the same, if not worse!

i thought, of course there's bound to be some kinks in this unit... after all it's a second hand unit. there is a reason why the previous owner disposed of it. i thought this was an isolated case. but when i tried to look it up on the net, it turns out that there are so many complaints about SE C905. in fact, sony ericsson acknowledges that there is indeed something wrong with some of the units. ( i wonder why they are still selling it) some units conked out after a few weeks. when they brought it to the service center, the repaired unit will only last for a few weeks then conk out again, for the same reason...

waaah! i was really disappointed. how can my beloved sony ericsson let this happen?!?

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