Friday, February 26, 2010

Freelance Writing Becomes Me

Thank goodness for the social networking phenomenon that is Facebook, if I hadn't signed up with facebook then I wouldn't have gotten in touch with a long lost friend from my elementary days. When I asked him what he does for a living, he answered that he was a writer. Aha! Finally! Someone I can ask about the possibility of a career in writing. One day I as finally able to gather enough courage to inquire about his chosen field. I asked whether he studied for that job while in college, is writing his bread and butter, approximately how much income is generated?

Considering that we were not really that close when we were classmates, I’d have to give it to him for being so generous with his answers. If only he knew how much he touched my life… how inspired I’ve become since talking to him.

He said he is a stay at home dad yet he is able to provide for his family by being a freelance ghost writer for companies accepting articles from him. It was indeed his bread and butter. He said in freelancing, the biggest advantage is that you own your time. You get to budget your time according to your pleasing, as long as you are able to meet all your deadlines. The pay is not that great initially, and it entails hard work, but as soon as you get the hang of it and churning out articles becomes almost like second nature to you, money will start to pour in, since you are compensated depending on the number of completed assignments you submit. He said it is a wonderful way to generate extra income especially for moms like me….

I am so inspired! I’ve long realized that this is what I want to be, a freelance feature writer. I even placed this wish on my vision board because I so want to be a published writer. Now there is a chance for this dream to come true.

I now the road towards my dream is paved with trouble and hardships, but I am willing to pay my dues. I am willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. I need to write. I need to get out of my comfort zone and write. I can’t always write about what I am feeling at the moment or what my thoughts are about a certain topic… I must learn to be flexible, to learn to comply to the clients requests… I need to unlearn some habits I got along the way. I need to be disciplined and professional for I am aiming to be a part time freelance writer… looking at the bigger picture, who knows, this gig maybe my ticket to a whole new life and career. My chance to get out of the corporate jungle I’ve called home for the last 12 years.

That’s it. There is no stopping me. I am writing therefore I am.

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