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Place to Visit: La Mesa Ecopark

Summer is definitely here! The sun is scorching hot outside, and it only just February! That is why we decided to go swimming, in celebration of my dad’s 69th birthday! We couldn’t leave early since the birthday celebrator still had a meeting at our parish. We decided to just eat lunch at home then leave for the pool after eating, this way we’d be bringing less stuff and just bring enough food for snack and drinks.

We decided we’d go back to the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City. We have very fond memories of this park, this is where Bea had her first swimming experience when she was only more than a year old. Although she doesn’t have any recollection of that experience, this time around it was clear that she enjoyed swimming at the pool. another plus is that it's really affordable. whoever said that you'd have to spend a fortune just to have a good time with your family?

Here’s some information about the ecopark:

La Mesa Watershed in Quezon City is the primary source of drinking water of about 12 million Metro Manila residents. The property is owned by the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS), a government agency. La Mesa Watershed is 2700 hectares, 700 hectares of which is the reservoir and 2000 hectares of which is the surrounding forest. This forest is the last remaining one of its size in Metro Manila and serves as its carbon dioxide sink. La Mesa Watershed, therefore, is vital to the city, not only because it is a primary source of drinking water, but also because its forest functions as the lungs of Metro Manila, providing it with clean air.

Due to lack of funds, illegal settling, poaching and logging, La Mesa Watershed came into disrepair and ruin. In 1999, ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. created Bantay Kalikasan (Nature Watch) and, in partnership with the MWSS, undertook the Save La Mesa Watershed Project. The project aimed to rehabilitate, reforest, preserve and protect La Mesa Watershed. The total area that needed reforestation was 1500 hectares. Today, eight years since the project started, only 158 hectares remain to be planted. Bantay Kalikasan’s strategy of actively involving the general public in the project, through its Adopt/Protect-ATree/ Hectare programs, was key to its success.

To sustain the Save La Mesa Watershed Project, Bantay Kalikasan, in partnership with the MWSS and the Q.C. Government, rehabilitated and renovated a 33 hectare public park located right outside the natural boundaries of the watershed and 40 meters below the reservoir. In September 2004, it was renamed La Mesa Ecopark and reopened to the public. All revenues generated by La Mesa Ecopark are utilized for the continuous preservation and protection of La Mesa Watershed.

The park is located in the East Fairview Subdivision, Quezon City.

La Mesa Ecopark Operating Hours: 8AM to 5PM Daily

PARK Admission Rates:

above 3ft P50
3ft & below FREE

POOL Admission Rates: ((9am – 4pm) Daily)
above 3fts P80
3ft & below P40

- Proper swimming attire is strictly implemented – no cotton made fabrics, no buttons & zippers.
- Pool Admission rates apply to all who enter pool compound, whether they will swim or not.

The pools close at 4pm, they are strict about this, once the whistle blows, it's time to leave the pool area.

QC Residents (w/ valid proof of residence) P40
QC Students (w/ valid id) P20
QC Senior Citizens (w/ valid id) FREE
Non-QC Senior Citizens P40

There are many things to do in the park aside from swimming.

boat rental - you can rent a boat for P100 for 30 minutes, maximum of 4 adults

bike rental - you can also rent a bike. price ranges from P50-80 per hour.

fishing - you can also try your luck at fishing. fishing rods can be rented at P20 per day. then you'll have to pay for what ever you catch. Rate is P80 per kilo. the bigger the catch, the higher the amount, but heck the bigger your pride too right?

for those who prefer to just relax and lounge around with the family, table and chairs are availabe for P120 per set (1 table and 4 chairs)

La Mesa Ecopark also offers several tour packages:


RATE:P100 per head (minimum 50pax)
Guided Walking Tour
Ecopark Overview/History/Amenities
Plan/Trees Identification
Entrance Fee
Boat Ride


RATE:P130 per head (minimum 50pax)
Guided Walking Tour
Ecopark Overview/History/Amenities
Plant/Trees Identification
Entrance Fee


RATE:P150 per head (minimum 50pax)
Guided Walking Tour
Ecopark Overview/History/Amenities
Plan/Trees Identification
Entrance Fee
Boat Ride(30mins)


RATE:P100 per head (minimum 50pax)
Guided Walking Tour
Ecopark Overview/History/Amenities
Plan/Trees Identification
Entrance Fee
Butterfly Trail

RATE:P150 per head
(minimum 30pax advance booking needed at least 1 week)
ECOPARK Overview/History/Amenities
Audio Visual Presentation
Entrance Fee
Basic Garden Lecture
Audio Visual Presentation
Hands-on, nursery activity
Tools, geminant


Rate:Activity + 50 (minimum 30pax)
Rapelling - P50/head
Wall climb - P50/head
Zipline - P50/head
Paintball - P300/head (gears & 50 bullets)
- P500/head


(minimum 30pax/advance booking needed at least 2 weeks)
1)Figurine Painting (6”X 8”) – P150/head
2)Sand Coloring (6”X 8”) – P150/head
3)Paper Clay Art (6”X 8”) – P150/head
4)Face Painting – P80/head
Activity (1) + (2) – P250/head
Activity (1) + (2) or (3) + (4) – P300/head
Activity (1) or (2) or (3) + (4) – P200/head
ECOPARK Overview/History/Amenities
Entrance Fee
Figurine, Cardboard
Paint, tools, etc…

Looking for a place to take you family this summer? here's a great place to spend quality bonding time with the family. Take the chance to reintroduce your kids to nature and the idea of having fun without gadgets and technology.

(02) 430-4051/ (02) 430-5207/ (02) 430-5207 (telefax)
Sarah - 09062234125
Dong - 09159013772

Banco De Oro Unibank Account No: 1270 8477 49
Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc./Ecopark

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