Monday, July 23, 2007

bea's first therapy session

last saturday, we went to st luke's for our first therapy session. we were 10 mins late. yaya, bea and i went ahead while hubby went off to search for a parking spot. we went straight to the rehab clinic which was located at the basement of the hospital. we looked for flora, the ot recommended by our doctor. she then led yaya and bea into one of the rooms in the clinic while i had to rush back up to the ground floor cashier to pay for our session.

when i got back down to the clinic, they were sitting on a mat with toys spread all around. "ate flor" was trying to feed bea some arrozcaldo. bea won't allow the spoon to even reach her mouth. but ate flor continued to play with her, until bea felt at ease.>

ate flor then used chopsticks with cotton on the tip, dipped this in ice water, then massaged bea's cheeks, lips, tongue and palate. this was meant to stimulate her mouth and to familiarize her with different textures and temperature.>

after this she tried feeding bea again and surprise! bea opened her mouth willingly and proceeded to eat. galing>

of course when we tried this at home, she just spit the food out of her mouth. daya. why did she respond to the therapist and not to us? over familiarity? oh well. we'll try and try again. this is an exercise to be done everyday. hopefully she will improve. ate flor told us to give her a variety of food. earlier today hubby prepared champorado. to no avail. spit spit spit. almost all the champorado just dribbled down to her chin and clothes. same with her milk. she just keeps on spitting her milk. i am really concerned. i really hope she improves soon enough.>

st luke's lobbyplaying with ate florplaying doctor

therapyyummy arrozcaldoayaw!

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