Thursday, July 12, 2007

we meet again mr. potter

yup, watched the new harry potter movie on the first day! hmmm. this was my least favorite book among the potter collection, not because of the writing but because of harry himself, as he says in the trailer, he just feels so angry all the time! (in heavy british accent) i didn't like this book simply because we don't see the same adorable harry as in the previous books.

but this blog entry isn't about the book, it's about the movie... i absolutely loved it! the unforgettable umbridge giggles (the actress who played umbridge was perfect for the role i tell you!) , the drama, the suspense, the magical wand fights...perfect! i won't blog about the details of the movie in respect for those who haven't watched it yet, although all potter fans know it is a grave sin not to watch this movie on the first day! ;)

the only things i found off with this movie are the actors who played cho and dumbledore. with cho, i just didn't like her, i think she's not pretty enough... as for dumbledore, i think he's just to nimble for the old wizard that i imagine him to be. i just can't help but wish it was the actor who played gandalf, playing dumbledore. i mean he's wise, old and frail enough but deep inside you know you can still count on him for he exudes an inner strength. oh well. wishful thinking won't hurt right? =)
anyway, those were my thoughts about the movie.

we felt a bit shy having our pics taken at rockwell (too jologs!) so after the prayer meeting, picture muna sa mega! =)

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