Sunday, July 8, 2007

not getting any better

bea's not getting any better. she vomits still, a couple of times a day. the meds are therefore not absorbed by the body. now, even feeding her by syringe is proving to be a challenge since she has mastered the technique of spitting almost everything put in her mouth be it water or milk. we are really worried. should we bring her to the hospital? but even her doctors are puzzled with her case. we haven't met a single doc (and believe me we've met a lot!) who actually told us that they know of a case that is similar to bea's. even the gastro doctor! and to think this is supposed to beher field of specialty. this is really hard for all of us. feeding times are often tensed moments for the whole family. hubby and i often fight, since both of us are tired and sleepy and broke (the cost of milk and meds and vitamins is no joke i tell you, as evidenced by our credit card bills!) . we try our best to keep our cool for bea's benefit, we patiently feed her, but when she continually spits everything out, and then whatever little milk that managed to go into her stomach is vomited out after hours of feeding her, tempers tend to flair up!

it is so hard! if only someone can tellus what to do. who do we talk to? even the docs are bewildered.

can anyone help us?

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