Wednesday, July 11, 2007

die hard 4.0

ok, this blog entry may be a bit late. we watched this movie last saturday, after our 4th post mss at st paul's makati. (our anti-tardiness campaign failed yet again by the way, 30 mins late hehehe...) anyway, we went to megamall to watch the movie but before going in, hubby insisted on buying some krispy kreme donuts, his new fave. (needless to say, our diet was ruined for the day, hmp)

back to the movie, here it was released as die hard 4.0 but in the states it was released as live free or die hard. i'm not a john maclane fan to begin with, but hubby is, he watched the whole trilogy! i did like the first one though,released back in 1988. it featured a very young bruce willis trying to impede the take over of the nakatomi building where his wife holly was working. don't ask me about die hard parts 2 and 3 though, because i can't remember a thing... i slept through the movies! (much to the dismay of my hubby)

back to the present, die hard 4.o, released 12 years after the third installment. maclane is now divorced and trying to have a relationship with his daughter, lucy.
in the middle of the night, on his way home, his boss calls in a favor to pick up a young hacker and drop him off in washington dc. sounds harmless enough, so he accedes. of course this supposed to be "simple" mission turns out to be just the beginning of an assortment of life-threatening adventures between maclane and matt farrell. ( he's the guy with lindsay lohan in herbie)

hmmm. what can i say about the movie? well, bruce willis reprises his role as a dark, brooding detective with a temper, who loves talking to himself. (yup, he still does that) only in this movie, it was a war in the digital age, so he was a bit lost sometimes, hence his need for a sidekick, matt. although it is quite obvious that maclane has aged a lot since the last movie, his action scenes were more demanding on this movie. i mean, he is simply indestructable. sure he gets cuts and bruises but heck, he falls off a couple of stories in a building and lands smack on concrete... and walks off as if he does this everyday. i guess his appeal as the simple everyday guy caught at the wrong place at the wrong time is now replaced by the indestructible superhero who can do just about everything, i mean kudos to maclane, the more he ages the more imperishable he gets.

well, anyway, i did enjoy the movie, even if i didn't expect myself to. it had a simple plot, very easy to understand, plus there were a lot of computers and tech stuff involved... my weakness! the action scenes were great! who would've thought that it is possible to have an F35 involved in a truck chase?! credible? not really... but quite entertaining.

looking for an old fashioned action movie to amuse you for a couple of hours? go ahead and check this movie out!

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