Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the little one is sick

today has been a hectic day for me. early today, at 1:00 am, i woke up upon hearing or feeling (i can't remember which) the little one's retching. yep, she vomited in her sleep. i panicked because i feared that she might "drown", some vomit might go to her lungs (i don't even know if that's possible) i noticed then that she felt really hot.

backtrack. the night before, hubby and i got home late as usual and little one is already sleeping. when i kissed her forehead, i thought she felt warm, but not so hot that i'd be alarmed about it. fast forward to 1am, the thermometer read 38.7. i gave her some paracetamol and as expected, her fever went down, and she got all sweaty.

in the morning i gave our nanny instruction to give her meds at the scheduled time. i also asked her to give bea plenty of liquids.

during the day, i called home twice. i was told bea was ok, still with fever but she's her usual kulit self. but only after a few minutes, my sis was already calling and texting me, asking me to call home. when i did, my father was already semi-panicking. bea's temp was past 40! and she vomitted again! uh oh! i asked my father to bring her to the hospital. i feared that her body might convulse from too much heat... (thank God that didn't happen!)

i hurriedly packed my stuff, and left the office, scribbling a note addressed to my boss. hehehe...
and to top it all off, today there was a transport strike. i couldn't get a cab from makati, because everyone is trying to get one also. they're all full!

so i rode the mrt, then the lrt, then took a cab to the hospital. when i got there, hubby was already there! he borrowed his officemate's car (thanks benedict!) and drove to the hospital.

they already did a cbc and they were waiting for bea's urine for urinalysis. this has always been a diffuculty for us, getting urine specimen. while waiting, bea threw up 4x. wawa!

fever was still high. the doc figured uti, (even w/o the urinalysis, saying the bacteria in her blood was high) and prescribed anti-biotics. i wasn't comfortable with her decision so i called our pedia from st. luke's anyway. i read to her the cbc result and she said that the wbc was not that high for a conclusion that it was a bacterial infection. she stopped me from giving the little one the prescribed meds. she just told me to give bea, dolan, regularly for 24 hours. this should bring down her fever... then bring her to st. luke's tomorrow for a consult.

ok, how will i do that? when i am on a no-absence/tardiness agreement with my superiors at the office?!? waaah! bahala na!

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Analyse said...

i'm sure your boss will understand, he's only human. did you say UTI? how old is she? my cousin's daughter had UTI too at a very young age and it was because of her diapers, so they stopped. just an idea..

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