Saturday, March 15, 2008

still sick

the little one is still a bit sick. thankfully the fever has gone down. but she now has rashes on her tummy. little red dots here and there. hmm. should i be worried? probably a reaction to her meds? hmmm...


Anonymous said...

Try measels. Is she sensitive to bright light?
Hope she improves.

Dragonstar said...

It may be a med reaction, but reading back it sounds just like when our first had measles. It's viral, so antibiotics won't work. Just keep her temperature down with whatever she can tolerate, and sponge her over frequently with only-just-warm water as that also helps the temp.
I hope she recovers soon.

alpha said...

yup karen, might be tigdas, tigdas hangin. when estong had tigdas hangin, nag-on-off fever din sya. tapos after mawala fever, rashes na..

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