Sunday, March 16, 2008

thank God for my laptop!

i've always thought that having a laptop was just a luxury. why go for the pricey laptop when you can just buy a pc with better specs for a lower price. when we moved back in at my parents' house, although we brought our pc with us, we couldn't bring it inside our room. it was too cramped already as it is, with bea's stuff and all. i was so sad not to be able to use a computer. i had to go to internet shops just to check my mail or update my friendster. then, my sis and i got to talking about getting a broadband connection and splitting the fees, it was then that i decided to get a laptop of my own (a low end one!)

it was a good thing too, now i surf anytime and anywhere in the house! it wasn't a luxury after all, in my case it was a necessity! =)

thank God for laptops!


Ismail N said...

Ditto. Use to have the same thought as well. Obiviously laptop has grown to become neccesity rather than luxury these days.

Heart of Rachel said...

Congrats on your new laptop.

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