Sunday, March 16, 2008

potty trained!

While in the bookstore, I was able see a number of books about potty training. I thought to myself, it is so hard to potty train that you have to have several books published about the topic? I mean, a lot of people must really be having potty training problems.

Last week, my little one got sick and the findings led UTI or urinary tract infection. This is pretty common among little girls still wearing their diapers round the clock. So my pediatrician told us it was time to take the little one’s diaper off, at least during the day. Potty training time!

Before actually taking the diaper off, we talked to the little one and gave her the necessary instructions. “tell mommy or the nanny if you feel like you’re going to wee-wee or poo-poo” and that was that. On the first day she initially refused to sit on her trainer seat. When she did get the hang of it, she wanted to sit on it even if she didn’t need to. Hehehe… that day, she only had one “accident”, we were surprised that for the rest of the day, she did tell her nanny that she needed to wee-wee. The only problem was that she gives us only a few seconds lead time, so when she says “wee-wee” , her nanny would literally rush her to her trainer seat.

On the second day, she learned to say poo-poo too.

She was potty trained in just one day, at two years old. Is that some sort of record or something? =)


Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations! That's a wonderful milestone for your daughter.

If you have time, I taged you. Thanks.

liza said...

congrats karen! i came here to check your new posts. happy tuesday.

apple said...

wow! congrats! that was fast!
that's my project for austin SOON! just can't find the time yet. hahaha.

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