Thursday, December 4, 2008

Edward and Bella

Yep, finally watched it.  Watched twilight last night with hubby. What did think about it? Hmmm… it was ok. It had a lot of kilig moments. I like the guy who played Edward better in harry potter when he played cedric diggory. In this movie, he has definitely matured already and has more manly features, but sometimes I feel he is just too haggard for my taste. Although I must admit, he is effective in depicting the intensity of his feelings towards bella. Who wouldn’t be intrigued and mystified when stared at by those piercing golden brown eyes?  I didn’t like the girl who played bella so much, probably because hubby kept of commenting on how pretty she’s become. Her looks have definitely come a long way from when we first saw her as the gawky tomboy in panic room. She is pretty, but one thing that annoyed me about her is that her mouth is perpetually open! Grrr.

I’m not really into vampires, but then again, I thought I wasn’t into wizards too until harry potter came along. Maybe I’d appreciate it more when I get the chance to read the books. But I think I’m in for a long wait since bookstores have ran out of stock. Hopefully, when it becomes available, it will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, maybe I can give the movie another go, watch it one more time, maybe it will grow on me then.

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